This is an unexpected post, must say. After a busy week of treats and Doctors (how often do those 2 things appear in the same sentence?) the weekend is finally here. Not only is it Anna's and MLQ's birthday, but it's also my Dad's (card in the post father, will arrive tomorrow)

The Occupational Doctor, in brief, will be telling work not to expect me back before September at the earliest unless the depression suddenly disappears. We discussed the 'problems' at work, about how little he can do as they need to deal with it (their problem and all that) but has recommended grievance procedure through the Union (NUT is my next step). He then went on to explain how long a depressive cycle can last, and possibly how long my sick leave can be, compared to how long the school will hold out until they give me the push... in short I still have a job and a salary, but that could end sooner than my illness.

It's a massive relief, though. For the first time I feel like I can relax and let myself go properly, without all this hanging over my head for a while.

On top of that, a few items ordered over the last few weeks all decided to arrive today. Definitely a sign that I should enjoy the weekend. So I've broken my beer rations and bought 2 weeks worth for tonight (which in reality is just enough to get one drunk)

So, the final installment of goodies for the week....

Getting Technical

Yep, I've bought some 'how to' DVD's. Basically being a self-taught spinner, I'm well aware that there are gaps in my knowledge, and no doubt in the strangest of places. For the same money that these 3 cost me I could have gone on a short day course, which would be completely useless as I'd forget it all. So here, in all it's technicolour glory, I have the same instructions I need which can be viewed as many times as my weary brain needs.

I do have books. Many, infact, on the techniques that I need. Yet trying to read and practise at the same time doesn't work. I have already read said books, which have fuelled me with creative spurts yet the methods ain't sticking. So am hoping this little lot should sort the problem.

Bought from Elizabeth's Fibre Store, which stocks quite a few instructional videos on all sorts of fibery subjects. Here we have 'Advanced Techniques of HandSpinning', 'Spinning Exotic Fibres and Novelty Yarns' and 'Spinning and Plying Textured Yarns'. It won't all be new news, yet should point me in the right direction.

Here we have yet more books from different sources. I'd read that T.Kilbride's 'Spinning and Weaving at Home' was a damn good source for making your own spinning wheels (and looms) Admittedly, I placed my first bid on Ebay before deciding to order the HitchHiker and put Tom out of his misery... yet me still thinks it was a worthwhile buy.

And of course, I had to buy Stoller's latest, 'The Happy Hooker'. There are loads of great patterns and tips which shall keep me entertained for somewhile yet.

I want to go into work and collect all my Textile books now. Have at least 90 in various places and the need to reunite them all is kicking in.

Being as this post is short on photos compared to others, here's a shot of my locality. Actually, it's Woolwich (I currently dwell in Plumstead) just after my appointment today. It's supposed to be a 'Play Area' yet it's more weeds and pigeon poo than anything else. To me, it's just another reminder why I should leave.

Now get theeself away from the computer and go and have a jolly good weekend.

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