Those cute catnip toys from yesterday? Looking worse for wear. The chocolate's all gone and the 100g of undyed KnitPicks has already changed colour.

Time now to catch up and share Tuesday's adventures with Flossie, and our raid on HandWeavers and Loop. Sadly, my camera battery died on enroute so do forgive me for a lack of location shots.

More Woolly Adventures
As you may be aware, I've signed up to StashaLong. Being as this get together had already been planned, I scheduled this as one of my 'days off' allowed (phew). So obviously, it had to be made the most of.

I'd not met Alice before, and she's lovely - really friendly and chatty, just as she is on her blog. She's just coming to the end of her Architecture degree (only 8 more weeks!), and is a tad skint. I know this situation oh so well, after studying meself for an eon. So she was more than happy to watch me spend and then share in the fondling of goodies later. Here we are at lunch, having been to our first destination (where a bit of cash parted hands).

Alice (Flossie Knits) didn't buy much, namely a lovely wooden button and a set of 5mm bamboo DPN's to make a WormHead Hat (wahoo) I, on the other hand, bought this lot.....

500g in total of undyed chunky - 2 skeins of Lopi, 3 skeins of a soft wool ply. Of course they're not natural anymore, having had a dyeing session already (they're drying, be patient)

Blue Faced Leicester roving, carded Falkland and white Alpaca roving - about 120g or so of each. And yes, they've changed colour too....

A couple of books I've been after for a while, to complete a series (I get a bit anal about collecting Textile journals) and a couple of cute sheep cards...

...'scuse the flash in this shot, as the camera decided to be a poo bum again. 150g of dip-dyed Wenslydale locks, from which I hope to make a novelty yarn, dark purples and blues. Roughly 100g each of pistachio and silver mohair rovings... :)

Lots and lots of wool, silk and mohair yarns, fine enough for plying, weaving or embroidery, whatever. This little lot was my main reason for going to HandWeavers, as they have mountains of the stuff at pretty good prices (it is a weaving store, after all) I really want to start experimenting with plying, being as I tend to stick to singles.

A skein of dip-dyed chunky Lopi, same stuff as the undyed. 2 balls of Frog Tree chunky alpaca and a ball of alpaca/silk. I know I'm not keen on commercial yarns, but these are nice stuff. Like, really nice. Purely for trimming Hats, of course.

Last but not least, a skein of Ozark Handspun. I blame Alice for this, as she was talking about it at lunch before we headed to Loop. As soon as I saw it I fell in love. Ok, so it was £20. But I had to have it, even just as inspiration for my own yarns. Tom reckons even he could spin this. If you read their website, they spin their yarns on a Louet....

Not bad for a day's shopping, eh? Some serious stash enhancement and wonderful goodies this week, that's for sure. I'm just really glad that I got my arse in gear and sorted my finances a while back, allowing me these treats as well as adding to my savings. Being a recluse on beer rationing also helps.

Obviously dyeing has been on the agenda too - it's so easy to stick a dyebath on the go whilst pottering around doing something else, so they'll be plenty to show when it's all dry. Infact, there's a good chance that by tomorrow all of my undyed stash will be fresh with new colour.

I'm on a real downer today, so being quiet.. promised emails to follow soon. Not only has it been a great week for woolliness, it's also been one for appointments with the consultant etc etc and constant questioning about the state my head's in. Tomorrow sees one with Occupational Health, which could be crunch time as to whether or not I still have a job to go back to. So to cheer myself up, I ordered a mini one of these.

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