Man, suddenly so much stuff to blog about and show off! Yesterday I hooked up with Flossie to raid HandWeavers in true style (I spent, Flossie watched) so some serious fibery goodness to share on that front.

Firstly though, the arrival of a *huge* parcel....

Secret Pal 7 - the lowdown
Ok, my SP did tell me there'd be a big box of treats at the end, rather than monthly parcels, which is cool. She did send me the Lantern Moon needles and the Brittany crochet hook as little teasers which were well recieved indeed. This lot, mind, is something else altogether - get a load of this lot!

Being as that's a bit of an eyeful, let's go through in more detail.

Catnip felt toys for the pussy cats - Minky was straight onto them as soon as they were out of the box, not even giving me time to take them off the packagaing. I now have two stoned cats.

Foody goodies - FairTrade coffee beans (which I will love but will annoy Tom - he's deceptively weened me off caffeine over the past couple of weeks), *loads* of chocolate (have given Tom his rations, the rest I need to hide) and some Gumm Worm sweets..

....and here's the map she drew me of the US, showing where all the chocolate comes from and where she and her brother live ;)

Pampering goodies - pure Patchouli oil (my favourite!) Kookaburra wool wash (which I'd recently read a great review about) and a 'Burt's Bees' pack.. containing all natural remedies, including lip palm, ointments, soaps and other perfectly handy pocket sized essentials (well, essentials if you're me. I carry a pot of tiger balm and a small bottle of rescue remedy around with me) So, spot on again!

A fantastic glass head (had one years ago, not sure what happened to it) and she will be v.happy to know it arrived in one piece!

A pack of traveller recipe cards, with handy hints for mainting nutritien and energy on the go, as well as tasty, quick and easy meal suggestions. Rather cool, methinks, having never seen anything like these before.

Knitpicks Peruvian wool yarns - 100g of undyed to play with and 3x50g balls of red. Now, in the letter she enclosed she said that red had been chosen so we could get 'better aquainted' (somebody has been reading my blog a little too closely ;)

400g of merino, which in real life is actually a lime/leaf green but the camera decided not to play fair. Methinks this will challenge me to make a garment for meself... any suggestions, fire away (yes Mum - I might actually wear something that isn't black!)

And there's more.... a beautiful, beautiful needle roll for my DPN's that she asked a friend to make (and well made it is too, v.impressed) and 3 pairs of gorgeous stitch markers, made by the same person. Then a little bag of wooden buttons that had a tag "hello! my name is Bob" with them (a little joke we shared)

And finally, a cool bunch of stickers that will happily adorn my tool boxes (me needs some more stickers to define the difference between our many tool boxes... "this one's got a knitting sticker - mitts off!")

I should also point out the pun, which in my unpacking excitement missed, despite the sweets and the yarn being stuffed inside the head... get it?

I've been itching to get this parcel and tell you all about my SP. She's a total dude, mildly bonkers like myself (as Mr T keeps saying, it takes one to know one) and an absolute star. We got on brilliantly straight away and has kept me amused all this time. I mean, how could I fail to get on with someone who's first email contains a list of questions like:-

- What would you do if you woke up one morning to find all your shoes super-glued into a tower in the back garden?

- Rate your sense of whimsy on a scale of 1 - 10, where 1 is a small mound of gravel and 10 is a small mound of gravel named Ted.

There is a clue in one of the photos as to her identity.... yep, my SP is Zabet, editor of the AntiCraft. Now, how bloomin cool is that?

I'm totally bowled over with this selection of treats - Zabet has put some serious thought into these pressies and you can't ask for more than that. Being an SP virgin, I know I've made a new, cool friend (and I won't just be staying intouch to pester her with pattern submissions!) I reckon I've been incredibly lucky in the match, and so, so spoilt.

Again, thank you my (no longer secret)SP - you're a total star!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead