Yey, MagKnits has my hat pattern in - released today! Man, it feels like an eon since I made this hat and wrote the pattern ;)

It's a fun hat, knitted as a rectangle then Kitchener stitched to form the bonnet shape. Using a sportsweight/DK/light Aran doubled, the loop stitches fluff up to give that lovely furry texture. This sample one was made using my own space dyed wool, resulting in a gentle wave of colour. And being as this is me, there's a little I-cord detail at the crown, and more to tie your Hat on in a contrasting colour.

Now, can you see why I don't normally model my Hats? Not the most photogenic soul. We waited ages for a sunny afternoon in cold january to get out and take this photo in an effort to give a spring feel. Photo session completed on our estate, the neighbours now have more evidence that we're a pair of weirdo's ;)

Thanks Kerrie for everything you've done - not just for me (which is loads, ta!) but for all the other indie knitters and woolly crafty sorts out there. We're forever grateful.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead