Don't worry 'bout my head, it bounces around like that sometimes. Am trying not to worry, which is one catalyst for the vicious downward spiral into blackholes. Easier said than done mind, particuarly for someone with low esteem and confidence levels. But fear not, other days the grey matter bounces back into happy, creative mode. And creative mode is the best place to be.

So many lovely comments and emails, thank you :) There are a fair few emails in my inbox which I need to reply to, so bear with me. Have got a busy 'head' day today - an appointment with the consultant later this morning, and then art therapy this afternoon (so I figured it best to blog before my brain turns to mush)

Enough of that for now. Let's talk woolliness.

Wool Makes The World Go Round
Yes it does. It's nothing to do with gravity and the sun, and all those other scientific things. It's wool. And the earth is not made of molten crusts and the like, it's a giant felt ball. The trees are the little bits of vegetation that get stuck in fleece. The rivers and seas are droplets of water, resting on the surface of the wool, prevented from soaking in by the lanolin. I could go on to say that human's are sheep ticks, but I won't. Because a lot of them aren't.

I want to thank a certain someone for their amazing generosity. They emailed me, saying that they'd got some Maya but didn't get on with it, so would I like it. Now, did you really expect me to say no?! When it arrived, the 'some' turned out to be more than I was expecting. I was bowled over. Susoolu, you are wonderful. Thank you :) You know the Maya is in good hands and will be well cared for. Yey!

This next lot arrived less than half an hour after the Maya, so it was serious 'roll around in wool' time for me and the cats. My last spend before the yarn diet. 17 skeins from Decided to bulk buy for the sheer hell of it (because I had no idea how much I'd get at SkipNorth) and boy, there's a lot. Due to their flat shipping charge and the exchange rate, these 100g skeins worked out to an average of less than £3.90 each. Rock on. I know I go on and on and on about this company, but you just can't beat them. A real variety of their yarns with lots of colour, so plenty of fun to be had. Such gluttony.

Now dyeing. Won't show it all as there's a *lot* although some of the yarns I may not keep. The extra bulky stuff doesn't want to soften much, even after soaking in hair conditioner, so that's not shown here. Will send some to me my Mum to see if it felts for her bags. If not, maybe I'll Ebay it or something. There is nearly 2kg of it after all. And if I won't wear it on my head it ain't gonna become hats. Being as my kitchen is dinky, the yarns were dyed in a variety of ways to allow a mini production line to be in progress - using the steamer, the sink, my dye pot and the microwave. Shown here is some aran but mainly a bulky wool from Texere that was 2p a gram, which has come out of the dye bath with a lovely soft and bouncy feel to it. Wish I'd bought more of that instead of the other cheaper, courser stuff. Nevermind.

And spinning. Now, spinning is really touching my soul right now. Each time a yarn comes off the bobbin a warm feeling comes over me. Maybe because it's the one yarny art that I'm least experienced with, or maybe it's just the feeling of completeness, making it all from scratch. Don't know. But I so, so want to make more. These first two were made for 'Red & Pink month' for Project Spectrum. The top one was a mixed wool and silk from Wingham's, which did look a bit like carpet underlay. It kept on wanting to spin into a finer yarn so it was plied. Really wasn't keen on it whilst on the bobbin, and it took an eon, but I love it now. There are sections of red merino spun in to bring the redness out of the mix. The 2nd one is alpaca. Lush, lush, lush. A single ply in salmon pink, with sections of charcoal alpaca spun in for length, and some charcoal silk noil for texture. Enough for hats, especially the fleck one - there's loads of that.

And more... the top one is just some turquoise merino roving spun with a fine purplish mohair yarn. There's not loads of it, as it was more an exercise in getting consistent gauge... keep getting a bit trigger happy with spinning-drill (which adds a little too much spin and messes up my drafting) (I drive too fast, too) The 2nd one though, I'm really excited about. Merino roving for the main part, in long sections of tonal pinks and greys - will stripe hopefully. Single ply again, obviously, as I am a bit of a single's fan. The bits I love are the cut sari silk threads I bought at the weekend. They spun in beautifully with the merino, not shedding at all, and add such lovely texture and shine. Can't wait to knit this one up. Have some more in progress from silvery grey merino, with fine lime green & pink silk threads for ply and lime green sari threads for texture.

Hats? Anyone mention hats? Not too many to show today as the yarny things have had top spot this week. And for some reason everything's taking ages to dry. Anyhow, here's a crochet one from some hand-dyed aran I got cheap on ebay. Simple shape again to show off the yarn. The ties are actually continuous under the chin, although there's plenty of room for slipping on the head. Started top-down, no planning, just letting it develop. There is another funky knitted one, but it's not dry yet so another time.

Tom's now determined to make me a spinning wheel, since I've been lusting over the Hitch-Hikers and he doesn't want me spending anymore money! Bless. You should check them out, especially the photo of the larger one on the floor of the passenger side in a car. Sorted. Thing is, I've got such a bee in my bonnet now about having a wooden tool for spinning. Logic should tell me that the spinning-drill and my drop spindle should be enough, especially for travelling. But I can't help wanting a wheel... can you imagine me with the mini-Hitch-Hiker, spinning away in the front of the truck whilst Tom's driving? I can. They are such a good price and I am so tempted...

I'll be alright about selling me hats, y'know. The postcards are ordered (and I can't wait for them to arrive! Talk about professional) A box of carrier bags arrived yesterday. Price labels are printed up and ready. Have even ordered an acrylic safety mirror (realised there is actually no portable mirror in the flat, and a hat seller needs a mirror, no?) All I need to do now is price the hats up and type/print a woolly care leaflet. There's nothing to get stressed about as I'm ready. Yet I've no doubt that my head will wobble again and I'll get scared, as it is a big thing. Oh well.

Poo, look at the time. Will be late again.

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