Y'know, I should be feeling all glowing and happy with meself today. *should*. What with me managing to stay awake for a reasonable length of time, manage a few chores & sorted some stuff. Hell, a whole load of yummy wool arrived, the last before the starvation starts. Even the postcards have been ordered, all artwork by myself, directly from my lazy & scruffy den to the printers. Enough reasons to be pleased with myself. I was happy until a short while ago.

It's amazing how much crap my head throws up.

Am having a wobble about selling my hats again. Get's boring, don't it? Not, this time, about whether or not my stuff is good enough ('cos hopefully by now the fact that I have at least a few skills should have sunk in) No, this time it's about pricing. Remembering the reaction regards price from work colleagues. Now, I know what was said at the time via comments, and they're not my target market. But I can't help but feel that most folk undervalue the labour & cost of materials that goes into making something by hand.

Got meself an Etsy account and checked out the other hats. Mostly loads cheaper, although not as original or of the same quality in fibre (most, not all). Not a good sign, and that's before the exchange rate comes into play. Will list some in the next week or so and gauge the reaction.

What's bothering me most is something that was said a while back on one of the groups I belonged to. Said by someone who considers herself the Empress of knitting, someone so patronising and condescending that she's in serious need of a slap. Anyhow, there was a discussion about pricing (obviously) and the member/seller who described her selling situation and pricing was clearly underpricing herself. Like, why not give the stuff away and save yourself the embarrassment? So, anyway, the patronising woman (let's call her S) did comment about this, and went on to tell a (thankfully) short story.

Basically, S was at a craft fair and saw some hand knitted scarves for sale, at around £15. As S looked closer, the maker re-iterated that she'd made them herself. S then (in her own words) said "yes...", smiled in a reproachful manner and walked away, clearly indicating to the maker that her stuff was too expensive. Or not up to S's high standards (or so she'll have us believe) Patronising cow. Can you imagine having her knock your esteem? Like a bloomin' ten tonne weight coming flying at your soul.

The whole point of my rant is this - if the maker's themselves (especially those who like to think that they are at the top of the skills & knowledge hierarchy) undervalue the price of hand-made work, what chance do the rest of us have? In theory, if all sellers of hand-made goods priced their work accordingly, rather than cutting their prices 'cos they think the consumer won't pay (cheap imports blah blah) then surely we'd all stand a better chance of saying "Oi, want me to earn 50p an hour for my time or what?"

Yeah I know, there's loads more factors to take into consideration such as marketing, point of sale, venue, originality of product etc etc. But I just needed to vent my spleen.

I'm going back to my knitting.

I'm making another hat. So there.

Post edit:- I feel loads better now. Isabella has just told me about these little babies. Not bad, eh? Not bad? Give me one now! And Susoolu, your generosity will have a space of it's own. Thank you sooo much x

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