No reason for this post title other than to remind myself... it's the same thing as running around looking for your glasses only to have someone point out that they're on your head....

Yes, I do have some exciting news... will whisper it shortly.

Yesterday saw me out of the flat again (wahoo!) on another fibre filled adventure. First stop was Greenwich to meet Lixie. I'd been looking after some of her haul from last weekend which had come back to London with me in my chug-mobile (it's a 1990 1.3 Escort. Of course it chugs) She was very glad to be reunited with it. Then met Anna to set off on our travels to the HipKnits store opening. Lixie sadly couldn't come, but we took you in spirit darlin' :)

Was rather impressed with the journey notes I'd scribbled on a post-it, as we didn't get lost at all and were only mildly delayed by roadworks. It was great to see Kerrie and the shop - it looks fantastic; light and airy with a comfy sofa surrounded by lots & lots of yummy yarns to play with. I was a very good girl and only bought some undyed yarn (arranged long before my gluttonous purchases of SkipNorth) and 300g of cut silk Sari threads which I'll use for spinning. Sadly, I was also a bad girl as the digicam stayed at home so had to use my mobile.

Not sure if the cake got eaten. Would have been a shame to cut it, eh?

Afterwards, the 2 of us headed off for lunch. Here's Anna (waiting for food) thoroughly enjoying herself sorting out my sari threads into little piles of colour. That's it for photos, I'm afraid.

I'll be signing up for the Stashalong which starts on 1st April.

The whole aim is to set yourself a time limit (minimum of one month) in which you do not buy any more yarn and use up some of your stash. Absolutely perfect for me, as after the recent yarn-buying madness I've decided to put myself on a yarn-diet. Being as that as soon as I try and impose any sort of rules on myself they instantly get broken, joining this group may encourage me to stay on the straight and narrow. I mean, I have enough yarn/fibre now to last me nearly a year if I make a hat a day, which is my current rate (2 a day is the average) Obviously someone verging on a business from her woolly creations couldn't walk away from all the 1p/gram bargains on offer last weekend. Even Tom has agreed with that (love him ;) But our cash future now holds the truck, it's fittings and all the other stuff so any spare money will be disappearing in that direction....resulting in a smaller monthly yarn budget, obviously.

No photos either of recent Wormhead creations, as they're either drying, blocking or setting etc etc. Have been itching to be spinning, yet sleep has got in the way (haven't found a way yet of doing that in bed) although have managed a couple of skeins. A couple of hats finished, one of which I completely adore the shape of so will be revealed when dry.

Otherwise, have been on a dyeing frenzy and have spent most of the day skeining up coned yarns from Texere. Y'see, on one cone I discovered some moth eggs *shock horror*. Every wool lover's nightmare. Thankfully, despite my current foggy head state I'm actually an organised knitter. All my stash is stored in airtight plastic bags, and the new purchases were sorted into new & seperate categories (dyeing, spinning etc)... and so the demon cones have already technically been in quarantine.

All the other yarns have been checked and there's no infestation. Phew! (Lixie - yours stayed in the boot of my car, so don't fret) Also, haven't found any more eggs other than on the first few skeins wound. One bloomin' good way to kill the little beasties at all stages of their lives is to cook them at temperatures above 120F for about 20/30 mins, hence dyeing is the perfect solution. They would have been dyed at some point, so do it now and stop the little gremlins spreading. Should keep me busy for the next few days... (only what, 7kg to be dyed?)

And so onto the exciting news. Am not sure whether I want to jinx myself, so shall just say it rather plainly instead of jumping around with a big grin.....

......Some of my hats could should be appearing in the HipKnits shop in the future. To top that, we're gonna start out and see if how they sell at Olympia at the end of the month. That means I will be helping out on the HipKnits stand and some of my hats will be on display and for sale. Full arrangements haven't been made yet we've spat on it agreed so if it fails to reach fruition, it'll be my doing. It's about time I started selling seriously, and what a place to start!

Won't be cracking open the champers until after the first day of the show, when I can prove I can get off my procrastinating arse and do it. Talk about pessimism. Someone slap me, please.

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