If anyone had hung aroung long enough after the close of the Olympia show on sunday, they might well have been offered a free Mr Site kit. Basically, it's a DIY website package, and if you'd have asked me to pay I'd have been slightly suspicious (as I tend to be) Anyhow, being as they'd had some sort of promotion on and were handing them out to exhibitors, I erm, grabbed a couple.

I'd only been talking that morning to folk about building a website. The other Anna gave me the lowdown on writing patterns in PDF format and directed me towards a software that does the whole automated PayPal thang (self-sufficient sales - perfect for when we're travelling) And so as the regular Anna said, it's a sign.

Now, this package so far, is the works. Talk about make life easy, it's unreal. It even includes the options of adding shopping carts for sellers. I'm sure there are limitations to it, but they ain't bothered me yet.

I had previously bought the woollywormhead.com domain name, so decided to choose the .co.uk for this one and have the other redirected. But the arse company I originally purchased from are being a right poo bum and want to charge me silly amounts of dollars for an advert free redirection ('scuse me if I'm getting technical here)

So currently the new site can be found at woollywormhead.co.uk but hopefully from tomorrow it'll be woollywormhead.com (click now to see their crappy adverts)

It's still in it's infancy; am pretty much happy with the design and layout, and have stopped being all geeky to post here 'cos, well, it's time to start uploading Hat photos and adding a price. Scary. There's nothing for sale on there yet, but there will be.....

Tom was the lucky person to recieve another free kit, and he's still tweaking, bless him - atomic23.co.uk

I really ought to stop playing and check out blogs and send some emails.

What do you think of my design skills then?

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