Momentarily awake, blogging from bed.

Ok, time to catch up.

I met loads of new people, many bloggers including:- the other Anna, Mary-Lou, Clare, Jan, Mary and possibly some more whom I may have temporarily forgotten or have lost the blog details (so email me if I have and tell me off). All lovely, friendly folk who happily popped by for a yarny chat.

Moving onto photos - there's quite a few so will show them smaller - please click on each to see them full size.

Kerrie and her Dad on the HipKnits stand. It wasn't normally this quiet; the shoppers loved the silks.

Kerrie and Fred sporting hats. 'Scuse the flash - I assure you that both are not quite so pink in real life.

Fred wearing 'Clanger'. Normal shyness aside, this young man asked for photos to be posted so he could prove he was there (who too, we won't ask)

Would it be fair to say that Fred was in no hurry to take that hat off? Seen here with Yvonne and Sue on the 'Relax and Knit' stand. Poser.

Anna and Erssie guarding the photos of the infamous Knitted Wedding. They look way to chilled knitting, don't they?

Nic and the other Sue obviously tackling a rather difficult question on the 'Relax and Knit' stand... (sorry Sue, I know you have a blog but do I have the info? Er, that would be 'No'...)

Tess and all those yummy 'go on, you know you want to buy me' Silkwood yarns. It was great to see Tess spinning her own lovely angora fluff. Mind you, she did get rather peeved at a shopper who insisted she was weaving.....

Wool n' Boats, who did a roaring trade in those mega sized knitting needles.

Onto my haul. Ok, so I didn't sell anything, but that doesn't mean to say I couldn't buy anything, does it?
All from the HipKnits stand (easy shopping) a range of hand-dyed and hand-spun yarns. Some undyed cashmere, just for the sheer extravagance of it and some sari silk to trim hats. I was a bit naughty and went for the top of the range stuff, for the hats mind, the hats. But I have so much yarn, I wanted something special. And being as Stashalong starts pretty soon, I needed one last fling; one to remember. Also bought some bits for my SP, yet being as I'm no longer secret there's no photos ;)

And finally, some buttons. All wood and metal. The largish torpedo shaped ones were 50p each and there should be enough for my Lopi coat, whenever it gets finished.

Anyhow's, the lurgy is present so shall ponder off. Have more to say about selling patterns, websites and so on, but shall bore you with that another day. Needless to say, a website is being built and new patterns being written in PDF format for selling... exciting! (ok, so I told you now)

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