Man, what a few days.

Couldn't manage all 4; was just too much for me. Yet I had such a great time... chatting to folk about hats and yarn and knitting and crochet and more hats. A Lot of people liked my hats. A lot of people wanted my hat patterns and took postcards. And the best news?

*I didn't sell a single hat*

Not one! But hey, that's cool. I was prepared for that, especially once I'd sussed out that most of the shoppers were cross-stitchers and scrap-bookers. They just ain't my market. And I think everyone knows that I'd sooner bring my hats home unsold than let them go cheaply to a soul who wouldn't appreciate them, even if it is demoralising at times. But they got lots of compliments. More than I was expecting and not even a whisper heard against them. They were admired, and that was worth it in itself. More folk now know of Woolly Wormhead and that was what it was all about. I'm out there, man.

There's absolutely loads to post about, photos to show and folk to mention. Yet I'm shattered. No, beyond that. Fecking exhausted. The most wonderful sleep awaits, cuddled up in that yummily comfy goose down duvet. And so dear readers, please excuse me as I head off to lala-land.

Before I go, I must thank everyone for their best wishes and good luck messages. You're all so amazing :)

And I promise to reveal more tomorrow.


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