First day of the show... here's a quick look at how the hat display is :-

Olympia, today, proved to be as I thought it might be... a smidging of interest from those with a trained eye but no major sales. Half a brave heart envisaged a sale before I arrived, but that'd be wishful thinking. So far, the shoppers ain't been a Clanger Hat kinda crowd.

Still, a few postcards have found new homes with pattern seekers, so maybe that's the way to go.

Did meet a few folk on the 'Knit & Relax' stand - details to follow.... am a bit short on details due to an unexpected visit from mother (all the way from Sheffield - with her sisters in tow) and too much white wine. All arranged with Mr T, it seems in advance. The plus side of this being that Mr T. popped home at lunchtime to do the housework.

Sleep well, more to follow....

AuthorWoolly Wormhead