Packed and ready for the off at the crack of dawn tomorrow - ouch.

We have:-

  • 63 woolly hats, tagged, priced & clean (despite Spook's best efforts)
  • 4 decorated display heads
  • 1 acrylic mirror with fimo decorated frame
  • approx. 200 postcards + holder/dispenser
  • 100 hat sized carrier bags, white
  • wad of 'care for your woollies' leaflets
  • box of silver drawing pins
  • spare tags + pens
  • random lengths of fabric
  • money belt & float
  • my sanity

I'm starting to get excited now :))

Have lots more finished hat photos.. instead of showing them here and letting Blogger do it's worst, you can see them here. Seem to have made a few this week. Funny that, eh?

This blog still isn't showing up right in FireFox & Netscape - the wonderful, lovely & helpful Anna and Nikki have done their best to help this impetuous perfectionist from having another panic attack. FireFox users *will* see 3 seperate, evenly spaced columns with the main central post on white, and the sidebars transparent so you can see the lovely background of my handspun. It works! Oh yeah baby, this site is all web browser friendly :)

Do pop by and say "hello" if you're around at Olympia. Am definitely there friday, and aim to be all the other days.. yet the length of my stay will depend on how well I'm feeling. You can't miss me - bouncy dreads and stinking of Patchouli. I could, of course, be hiding....

I forgot to mention... it was 6 months ago today that this blog recieved it's first post. Not that that's important, it's more significant that I remembered.

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