Slowly, slowly getting back to normal. Whatever 'normal' is. My head's been seriously messed up by the lack of sleep and constant momentum of the weekend, though I wouldn't have missed it for anything. Anyhow, got a few hats to show, particuarly the 2 that were being created as we dashed around Yorkshire in a minibus.

Nicknamed the 'Clanger' or 'SoupDragon' hat. There were no shortage of volunteers to try this one on as it was being made ;) There are 7 tubular tentacles that stood bolt upright whilst it was being crocheted. Thankfully a wash and gentle block has given it the floppy effect I was after. Made from machine washable Tivoli aran wool... one of those yarns that feels like a 'real aran', know what I mean? Lovely to work with. The ends are trimmed with merino and a 4.5mm hook was used.

What do you think? Ok, so it isn't one of my 3 hour hats although I am getting quicker at crochet. Not even sure if it will sell, but my philosophy is that there needs to be something eye-catching on my stall and this may well do it.... It's rather top heavy, heavy fullstop weighing in at about 230g. And it's not as big as it looks (remembering these head models have no hair, so if a hat fits them it's small) It even fits Mum, and she has a dinky head.

La de da de da.

The other creation of the weekend was this mohair 'Teat' hat. My first free-form hat and I love it, it's so cute. Individually this little things resembled sombrero's, modelled here by Spook. It was the first time I'd crocheted with mohair and it was a poo-bum, mainly 'cos I'd kept forgetting what shaping's had been done and had to frog too often.

In hindsight, it may have been easier to give the sections a square shaping before joining but hey-ho. Had to pin them to a polystyrene head and crochet around them on there to get the shape right. Anyhow, only took 60g of yarn on a 5mm hook - gotta love mohair for it's brilliant yardage. It's not at all itchy, really soft infact and am chuffed with the way the colours work. Not sure the same effect would have been achieved with knitting.

It reminds me of Bjork, which is probably why I like it. I'm not exactly a fan, yet she's dead quirky which always a bonus in my book. I also like Sinead O'Connor... I shaved my hair for years yet it never made me look as beautiful as she did.

I digress.

Project Spectrum is now under way, and the colours for this first month are reds and pinks. Pinks, suprisingly, I can manage no problem. But I've got issues with red; it's not my colour. Not to be defeated, yesterday I set about dyeing yarns and fibres. Kinda figured that for this project/craft-along, I'd like to make hats to match the colours, and if I can, spin and dye them from scratch.

So whilst that lot was drying (other colours were created too... actually, there were few reds in the end) I dug some red yarn out of the stash and knocked this one up last night. Kinda seems rather plain compared to the other 2, doesn't it? Used a 5mm hook and the wool is a slight tweed so co-ordinated the trim with one of the colours in it. And it was my first crochet flower ;) Rows of trebles and doubles, simple really.

And here's a sneak preview of some of yesterday's dyeing.

Have been awake since 6.30am. Ouch. Really want to go back to bed yet a bath is waiting. Probably should stay awake so I don't miss Art therapy *again*. Oh sod it, I need sleep.

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