I want a spinning wheel.
You don't need one.
Yes I do!
What about your new drop-spindle and the spinning-drill?
Hmm... I know.... but I still want a wheel.
Well, I learnt on a wheel and produce my best yarns on a wheel... and it's wood, a traditional tool...
Ok, I get the picture.
..... and the wheel winds on the yarn as you draft, making yarns even quicker than the spinning drill... and the mini Hitch-Hiker is just like the discontinued Louet S40, yet even smaller which is fantastic... could be spinning whilst Tom's driving... and I do love the design of them, and I could paint it with flowers and...
Blimey, you do go on.
Can I buy one?
You can't afford it.
True, I can't this month.
I thought Tom was going to make you one, just like the Hitch-Hiker?
He said he would....
Well, why don't you wait a while and see what happens?
Could do....
It makes sense.
Yeah alright, I'll try.... I can't promise, though...

I've been signed off work for another month. Infact, the consultant psychiatrist has told me that I'm not to return to work until all the problems (with 'X', the bullying) have been sorted out and a proper support plan for me has been put in place. He's written a letter to the Head with words to this effect. Basically, this could be seen as a vindication that the school are resonsible for the relapse in my mental health. The NUT will certainly see it like that. I mean, they haven't exactly dealt with the situation as well as they could have, have they?

The school won't take this lying down though. I'm sure they'll be discreet about it, but it will make for some mightily awkward situations. They can't sack me because I'm covered by the DDA for mental health, yet it's also not a great time to be looking for another job, what with my sickness record being so poor. No employer will touch me, despite what the DDA has to say about it. I've heard rumours of this happening to other teachers, and they've been pensioned off on medical grounds.

I'm not sure how I feel about it.... the consultant stunned me. He's the first person (other than the NUT) who's taken this all seriously. With these 2 behind me, I've got a strong case. And I know I want to leave teaching for a few reasons, so we can go travelling. My student & grad loans are insured against loss of job due to health. I suppose I'd just like to be able to leave my job with my head up high, rather than out the back door. We'll just have to wait and see what develops...

I'm off today to buy some more 'S' hooks and lead fishing weights. To set my spun yarns, of course.

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