Indeed guys, I certainly do feel better and more like 'Ruth' again! Man, it was sooo good to get that lot of my chest. My therapist keeps trying to find my anger and frustration, as he reckons it's buried so deep and is causing me allsorts of problems by not being released.... he'll be so proud of me for that rant ;) It felt good to be alive and to actually feel something.

Got up early (pre-9am) and headed down to the local sorting office for one last attempt at finding my missing parcels. Low and behold, they had 2 of them. Strange that, eh? There were notes scribbled on them about an attempted delivery on 25/1... whatever. Anyhow's, one of the parcels was some yummy goodies for my secret apl, and the other contained some lovely antique/vintage/retro wood and bone buttons. I love odd buttons like these; they hold a mystery as to their previous uses, and rarely do you find modern buttons with such charm and detail. Got them from this seller on Ebay, who has been wonderful regards the missing package.

Oi oi, Susoolu, I have been creative again, ok? ;) Felt a bit of va va voom over the weekend so got going with some of my new handspun for a hat. Used the Gotland yarn and here it is in progress. Look, look SECRET PAL, I've used those beautiful hand-made needles you sent me! And what a dream they are to knit with, so smooth. Actually, the handspun was lovely to knit with too. I'd probably forgotten what working with your own yarn felt like, being as it had been a few years, but there's nothing like it. Even though this yarn was a little inconsistent in gauge, the texture and nature of it was, well, organic compared to processed yarns. It felt like returning to the true heart of knitting again, touching a bit of history and feeling the pleasure of completely creating this from scratch. It seems more real, if that makes sense. It's finished and blocking now. What you see drying around it is some Beaumont fleece that I've scoured and dyed. The hat did knit up a little on the large size being as the gauge didn't always work as I thought, but that's cool. It even fits me and my big hair. Whilst I'm posting photos, here's yet more evidence showing how much of a pest Spook can be when I'm spinning.

It has been a busy weekend, in more ways than one. My dad, step-mom, step-sister and brother came up for a curry saturday for a premature birthday celebration. Sheila and Bow (Tom's mum and sister) came along too, and it was the first time the inlaws had met. Good night, as it happens. But there was something bigger on our minds....

..... trucks. Big trucks. One came up on Ebay that fitted our specs. A 1989 308D black luton; the box was probably the mininum size we'd settle for. Anyhow, we made a quick 300 mile round dash down to Andover on saturday afternoon to see it. It had the usual minor knocks and scrapes that you'd find on a truck that age that's been used for removals, and a few superficial rust patches. Bearing in mind we'd be cutting holes for windows and the like, that sort of thing isn't a problem. The engine and structure was sound and we liked it.

After a grown-up chat about the pro's and con's, budgets etc, we decided to bid on it. And it looked like it was gonna be ours. Man, we were so excited! I had to take a few drops of rescue remedy to help me cope. And then we got gazumped in the last 5 seconds. Can you believe it? We lost it by a few measley quid with no time left to claim it back. We were gutted, seriously. It left me rather deflated. But not to be defeated, we're still searching. It obviously wasn't meant to be ours.

If we're honest, I'd say we were both lusting after a mercedes 814 LWB luton (if you haven't got a clue about what I'm wittering on about, click here) They're 7.5 tonners but can easily be re-registered and down graded. Tom hasn't had his UK driving licence that long, so he's gotta take a seperate test to allow him to drive 'em legally, although he's been running trucks that size for years in Europe. My licence does cover me yet I've never been behind the wheel of anything that big, and it's scary. Honest, these trucks are huge. Lorries, mate. The amount of space inside these things means we'll be living in luxury. If we save a few more quid we should be able to get a decent one as well as afford the insurance.

Right, that's enough waffle for one day. Tom's made me some new bobbin thingys for this secret spinning gadget of ours, so I'm off to make more yarn. I'll take some photos and share it all tomorrow.

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