Have only been awake about 2 hours; enough time to eat some pizza, drink some coca-cola and for my brain to shoot off on a technical tangent. Jeez, this damn brain and it's tablets. When the ol' grey matter does this, ya just gotta go with it. Trying to change the flow and force a different thought direction just causes confusion and it ain't worth it.

Anyhow, the main reason for posting.... have managed to set up an email account that links in with this blog name better (everyone's at it, and it kinda makes sense) So, extra email addy is :-

woolly.wormhead @ yahoo.co.uk

without the spaces, obviously. I'd have preferred not to have the 'dot' (remember, it's got a dot) but that would have meant a whole seperate account and another email addy to check and that's too much effort right now. Anything sent to this new address goes straight to my regular yahoo account (whiteroomsouth) & to the same inbox, making life a tad easier.

Whilst I'm at it, there's a couple of things I'd like to know if anyone can help. First off, how do you all do that crossing out business in posts? Y'know, typing something then sticking a line through it? Secondly, there's a few really personalised blogs on blogspot, and of course me wants this one like that. For instance, a logo banner across the top... that would be cool. And how do you link up word documents? There's loads of other things too but have forgotten them. Doh.

There are also vague thoughts about dyeing and spinning floating through my head. Yet that requires washing up and cleaning the kitchen, which will have to wait 'till the motivation appears.

Why have I got the theme tune for 'Rupert The Bear' going round in my head?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead