Think the saying goes "no shit, Sherlock"

Ok, I can't deny this one nor will I obsessively list all the things I can be obsessive about.

But I do want to clarify a point. My stash. The hat stash to be precise. Looking at it photographed and blogged here, it seems much bigger than it is. When squashed down into super-duper vacuum pack bags, it doesn't take up much space at, really. And yes, I do need it all if I'm ever to make a go of selling my hats (see reasons mentioned in previous post) The main point of my revisiting this subject apart from it's size, is to say that it hasn't cost a huge amount of dosh. Oh no, I'm a thrifty old soul. Much donated, most bought on sale. I am very good at keeping material costs low. Will also point out that cutting costs doesn't mean the same as cutting quality. I shall not be compromised on that score. All good quality wool and other animal fibres. If you search well, you can find some lovely yarns & fibres at decent prices.

I would also like to say that I have absolutely not been trawling through Ebay this evening for bargain yarns from de-stashers. Absolutely not. Would never dream of it. Nor I have I been shopping at I would never do such a thing. Despite them having a flat rate shipping cost for international orders, and comparitively low priced hand dyed top quality soft wool, I have not been tempted. Even when a reasonable quantity of yarn is ordered and after shipping costs the unit total averages out to less than £4 per 100g, I have not given in to temptation.

I can be strong.

Just not today.

Meanwhile, 2 more Hex hats finished and blocking. Will write the pattern to be posted, being as it's been rather popular and requests for the pattern have come in. Whilst Tom has been waxing my dreads this evening, I have finished a hat from some of my yummy handspun - knitted in under 2 hours. Rock on.

And I have spent more hours asleep today than awake.

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