I'm glad dear readers that you like the 'Hex Hat' (thanks for the name Frankie!) as I do too. The more I look at it, the more it grows on me. There's enough hexagons made now for 2 more hats - just need to sew in the ends and crochet the brim. Am also having thoughts on designing my own 5-sided motif and seeing how they fit together...

My den has been in need of a proper tidy up and sort out for a while, so that's been my task this morning. Whilst I was at it, it was all weighed, sorted, checked ('cos I forget what I've got) and photographed for the record. Note though, this is just my hat stash. There are a few cones and balls lying around in black & greys, mainly for my coat, jumpers for me and Tom and squares for the blanket that will keep us warm on our travels. So here, in all it's blatant glory, I present -

The Hat Stash

Plain dyed oddments, quantities of 50g or less. Rather useful for trims etc. 1.4kg.

Tapestry wools. 800g. Again for trims etc - nothing gets wasted here.

Variegated dyed oddments, again quantities of 50g or less. 1.1kg.

Fleece for spinning or felting. So many types of wool, so many colours. Hey, there's even silk in there. 3.3kg

Skeined yarns, waiting to be balled up and used. 4.2kg, which includes 500g of my handspun.

Balled yarns, approx. 100g quantities. A hat a ball, baby. 6.4kg

46 hats completed ready to be sold, with another 2 to be finished today.

A myriad of colours; the other yarns in black and greys would be boring to photograph. I'm a good girl and keep all this lot in plastic storage bags to keep it away from the cats and keep it clean. Spook sincerely believes all my wool exists for her pleasure.

Now before anyone chastises me for having this amount of wool buldging out of every corner (and that means you, Mum) it's here for a very good reason. You all know by now that I intend making my livelihood from these hats when we're travelling, selling at various festivals and fairs across Europe. Although I allow 100g per hat they normally take an average of 90g each. The above woolly heavenliness amounts to a grand total of 17.4kg, which will make a staggering 193 hats! Now, that may sound like a lot yet if I want to sell them and sell 'em well, I need hundreds. On a good day if I work like a madwoman, I can knit 3 hats a day. An average work day yields 2. Currently I'm managing 1 a day. So the stash I have will only keep me going for 6 months at the most.

Also bearing in mind that when we're on the road, internet access will be limited and yarn shops few and far between, so I need to accumulate as much yarn as I possibly can now. Cash will also be limited, so it's best I buy *loads* whilst I have a salary. Oh yes, my excuse for an ever growing stash is a good one and I'm sticking to it.

Thinking about it, this could make for a rather interesting 'meme'! Go on, I dare you - reveal your stash! Weigh it and photograph it and damn well be proud of it.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead