Ought to be off to bed as I'm taking Tom to the hospital later on this morning. He's got wisdom teeth issues and he's needle-phobic, so lots of TLC from me to him is in order. Just wanted to post promised photos and say cheers very much for more virtual hugs :))

Now look at this yummy fibre... hand-dyed Wenslydale roving. Gorgeous. This little lot came in the post from Sue - thank you darling, I love it! Dyed by her own fair hands and a little gift for wee a favour. Now does that mean I have to do some more spinning? Do I really have to? Oh, all right then, if I really, really have to ;)

Been up to more crochet adventures, this time with granny squares. Have made a few before and rather fancied trying to make a hat from different shapes... there's a few nice ones floating around in cyber space, so this is no original idea. But I had to try it, obviously.

After a bit of fiddling and a few errors, this is the first one. It's not how I intended it - seem to have made the hexagons smaller for some reason, as me thought it would be a looser beret shape. Now though I like it. This one is a tad fudged, being as there's a mistake in one of the hexagons and after sewing a few extra stitches had to be increased for the rim (else it'd been too small for any adult). Not to be defeated, I've started making more in other colours. Another point learnt too; used the same hand-dyed aran and same sized hook as before, yet the motifs came out loose and baggy, so dropped down 2 hook sizes - now using a 3.5mm. Tighter yet firmer. Hey, there's no point in too many drafty spots eh? Plus side to these fella's - great for stash oddments. Down side - loads of ends to sew in. Poo.

Not only has the pattern been memorised (get that - memorised! I've remembered a new pattern!) but have also got the know-how of why each stitch is made where to get the shape. Knocking 'em out in no time now. Here's a few more on their way in a mottled green/grey/blue yarn I dyed. My neighbours got locked out this morning so popped in for a cuppa and to make the necessary phone calls. By the time they left, the daughter wanted to buy one of these! Scouts honour, there was no hard sell, just an explanation for the woolly mess. Made me happy :)

One of Tom's aunties phoned the other day to inform us she'd spotted some wool on cones in one of the local charity shops (nice of her, eh?) Needless to say, an inspection was needed. I'm standing there, literally with a cone in my hand sussing the fibre content (it was all acrylic, sadly) and a text message comes through from Tom - " we need to buy more wool!" Now, how the hell did he know what I was doing at that precise moment? Spooky. And please ignore his sarcasm.

SP news - methinks I've rumbled my spoiler ;) My first real attempt at blog hunting, and she's been found. In fairness of the game, her identity will remain secret. It also looks like my spoilee has found me yet I've not put my hands up to it - we're only a month in!

Bed calls. Sleep well dear woolly ones x

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