My head's not been in a good place these last couple of days, and when I last posted it was definitely a 'what the hell am I doing this for?' frame of mind. More about that in a moment, as I want to respond to some of the comments left.... you said some wonderful things and some very valid points have been made.

AmberMoggie that dream of yours was funny. If anyone hasn't read it, please do - it's great :) Folk often tell me I appear in their dreams - is this normal? Does it happen to other people too? Carol - welcome and thanks for telling me who you are - it kinda helps ;) Hope you're back on the mend.

Sal - fill up the comments section all you like - I asked for opinions so a good ramble is useful. You said some useful things - some of which has been adviced before, but having it re-iterated is good for my memory. Tom's work is a bit big to sell on a stall, and most of what he does gets built as the festivals go up. Having said that I am making other bits and bobs although hats are the main thang. Setting up stalls, selling hand-made goods, etc, have been common topics on here and some very useful advice has been recieved and stored. I do know the festival market, 'tis true. Speak freely and be prepared to have your brain picked further ;)

Primarily though, Lhizz, Silvia and others, you're right - I am an artist making what (she hopes) she does best, rather than making for the sake of selling. I love hats and I love making them. It's only natural to doubt yourself at times, and methinks without those moments you wouldn't challenge yourself creatively. It's just a bloomin' nuisance that my head does this too frequently - confidence with my skills and work has never been my strong point. I've been thinking about Etsy - will look into it more. Postive feedback has been v.gratefully recieved and Tom's making sure I don't forget it. Lhizz and Susoolu - I owe you emails - don't let me forget, ok?

Hazelnutcluster - haven't forgotten your want of a brimmed hat design. Thoughts of felted bowlers have been passing vaguely through my head, which of course give the antigue hat blocker it's moment of glory. Being all chuffed with my recent crochet babies, I got thinking that trying to write a pattern would help me get to grips with the lingo better - so Noo, I'll attempt the beret one yeah? Nikki - it's finished - have a look. It's soft and stretchy so no complaining about hat sizes, ok? Hang up, new comment in... does it say that Sal gets free local fleece? That's not fair!

Jeez, that took forever. Anyhow, got photos to post but I need to dash off to Art therapy. Managed to see someone at my local 'unit' this morning and they've decided I'm not fit for work yet. My moods maybe better when I'm indoors, happily yarning away... yet as soon as the outside world comes into play the stress levels go through the roof. Signed off for a few more weeks. Oh well.

Am running late, more later. Tata.

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