... yeah, more hats. Only this time, there's some crocheted ones! Wahoo! Wormhead's getting a grip on this hook malarkey. Instead of being all impatient, I actually sat down and read a few suggested crown shapings and increase methods to get it right. Of course, once I was on me way I didn't stick to any patterns, oh no... follow the instructions and stick to the rules? Not likely. Try as I might, but it's physically impossible... the hands just start doing their own stuff.

This is the very first crochet hat. Let that be noted ;) Followed the increase instructions for the crown and got kinda engrossed... only to discover I'd made it too big. Doh. So a wee amount of frogging then I was back on track with the body. Wangled the ear-flaps without too much hassle - though for this one I think the decreases weren't quite right, but they worked. And of course I couldn't resist adding a little crochet ball for detail.

This is all worked in double crochet (using English terminology, here). The yarn is wool aran from my stash, that I'd dyed a few months back. Have absolutely *loads* of hand-dyed aran being as I originally bought over 2kg of it undyed and am rather glad it's found a use. Think the colours show quite nicely on the stitches. Considering it is the first of it's 'hooked' kind, to start wandering off messing around with shape and design, I'm chuffed with the result :)

So, having made the mistake with the first one of increasing way too much for the crown, and having noted that the way I was doing it produced a pretty flat shape, beret's popped to mind. So this cutey was born. Of course to get the brim right I had to learn how to decrease properly - why didn't someone tell me that if I just sat down with one of my (many) books, I'd have figured how to do it years ago? Doh, Ruth. Hell knows why increasing/decreasing baffled me, yet it don't any more ;) All in double crochet again, using more of my hand-dyed aran.

One thing I've learnt about double crochet is that when worked on the right size hook (was using 4.5mm with the aran) it's quite a tight, firm structure. So fancied trying using it as a ground for grafting. Double crochet is, I suppose, a bit like the staple stocking stitch - the basic ground work. Or maybe like moss stitch, as it's a bit firmer? Anyhow, this is how the 3rd one turned out. The form on the crown is stuffed and there were going to be more yet this little I-cord suddenly appeared and that was that. Actually, it was a bit odd using knitting for detail on a crochet item, rather than the other way round. A different perspective, I suppose.

With any luck some of the new techniques I've learnt will imprint themselves on my memory. Gonna scribble a few bits down in my notebook too, as I don't trust the retaining skills of my grey matter at the moment. Don't suppose crochet will become as instinctive as knitting, but it does offer different ways of working and creating, which is cool.

I have been wondering about something though, dear reader. Being objective is difficult for me at the moment, as the happy pills are restricting a few mental activities.... linear thinking is all I can manage sometimes. So... am I barking up the wrong tree with these hats? I mean, not just the crochet ones, but all of them? Couldn't say why this has crossed my mind... maybe having another head wobble I suppose. I mean, I seem to have a style developing of my own, which is never a bad thing... but do they work? Will other folk like them enough to buy them? And are they quality enough in their making?

I'm not after a huge buttering of my ego, just a bit of honesty I suppose. When you spend too much time in your own vicinity, you need to step aside and take a fresh look, and that's the bit I'm struggling with - trying to see them from a different angle. In need of some different opinions. Does it get boring, keep reading about hats all the time here?

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