So many wonderful birthday messages - thank you! Tom's been a little overwhelmed of late regards all the compliments he gets on here.. but hey, I'm proud of him so what else is a lass to do? Am getting over my awe of my hat-blocker. It's just soo beautiful that I want to wrap it up and protect it, not cover it in wet wool. Yet I will, slowly and gently, use it. Can't have it sitting there collecting dust, eh?

The rest of my day was relaxing and lovely, being spoilt by Tom and friends, as well as all the great messages recieved. This has to be the first time in years that I haven't got hideously drunk as way of celebration, and the lack of a serious hangover is a welcome change. I must be getting old ;)

Other news:- have signed up for a sort of craft-along, Project Spectrum.

Being useless at deadlines and the stress caused by the mere thought of one, this is ideal for me. There's a colour theme for each month and all you have to do is create or showcase something in that colour. Should be able to manage that (hat anyone?) Just gotta decide now which button to use.

And have you heard this? There's a lawsuit regards the term 'Stitch and Bitch'. How bloomin' ridiculous. Seriously man, what's the world coming to?

Right, I'm off to finish the crochet beret that's on the hook. Finished a chullo hat yesterday, in crochet baby, which is drying so photos another time. Have had more requests for the Jester hat pattern and that's nearly ready to post. The KO participants are keeping me amused and seem to be doing rather well.

Hope all you lovely folks have had a great weekend too :)

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