You buy her an antique hat blocker. This present from Tom has completely overwhelmed me. What can I say, apart from say how beautiful it is. The wood has such depth and richness to it. And it's fully working. I absolutely adore it. No, I'm in awe of it. I need to get over that if I'm to use it, and Tom bought it to be used.

Just look at the quality and detail, isn't it amazing?

I've also had a brilliant E-card from my SP - thank you darlin', it made me laugh! Got some money from my folks, so that's extra spending dosh for SkipNorth - watch out Wingham Wools - a raid is imminent ;) Have got to by some more fleece and roving for felted hats, no?

I wonder what other suprises the day will hold?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead
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