This may look like I've been crafting flat out these last few days, but I haven't. Sleep has been high on the agenda. Still, Ms. Wormhead has been awake long enough to spin and knit and remember who she is.

The Hats
First up, I knitted another of the jester type hats so I could remember and write down the pattern. I just love the way the 'ears' curl. So folks, the pattern will be posted pretty soon, and it's another easy knit. Again I've used Debbie Bliss 'Maya' - it's such a shame it's been discontinued - this was one of the last skeins I bought in the sales. Still, we always have ;)

Next one is a beanie from hand dyed boucle wool from that fave shop of mine, It took all my willpower yesterday not to place another order. The hat looks loads better in real life - the texture of the boucle being wonderful and soft. Have also written the pattern for this one too - on a roll with making notes!

Finally, a really dodgy photo of me wearing my first hand-spun hat! I did blog about when it was blocking but it looks much better on. I'm so chuffed with this one, considering the fibre (Gotland curls) was a nuisance to card and my spinning wasn't exactly even. Actually, I started this one in the car when we went down to see that truck we missed out on, and found that knitting in the dark on the way back was a little more tricky than usual (that'll be the unintentional lumps getting stuck on the needles) Still, it's big enough to fit over my dreads and I like it.

This evening I have started crocheting a hat. Yep, with a hook. My skills in that department are seriously rusty compared to my knitting, yet more methods of making these little fella's are needed. Have had a good ol' search online for a few simple patterns and am already on my way. Strangely, it was the increasing/decreasing in crochet that baffled me... probably because knitting is such second nature that I was jumping the learning curve gun when it came to the hook. Yet a crown shaping is done and it's looking dandy. It doesn't feel so alien now.

The Yarns
I don't care if I'm blowing my own trumpet - this lady is seriously happy with the way these new yarns are turning out! Never have I ever produced such gorgeous fluffiness. This first one is 75g of Alpaca, hand-dyed by my own fair hands. Lush it is, and moi reckon's everyone should spin it if they can. It is actually very subtle shades of purple, but again the lighting's all wrong. Oh well. The thickness is much more consistent than the previous yarns too.

This one is deeper in colour in reality, being wonderful shades of sea colours. Think there's about 70g or so, so hopefully enough for a hat. Bought the fibres hand-dyed from Pure Inspirations again - apart from the fact that she's a great seller with reasonable prices, I really enjoy the colour combinations she puts together. I spun in some more of that grey/black silk noil for extra texture - that's something I'll be doing a lot more of in the future as the effect is my cup of tea, as it were.

Finally, another yummy one I'm chuffed with. Again, deeper in colour in reality - more heather, Moor-ish like. Border Leicester hand-dyed from the same supplier as before with various bright shades of merino added sporadically for some contrast. Not sure of the weight as it's only just dry but I would love to get a hat out of this. There are big plans in this corner for hats made from hand-spun.

The Other Business
Tomorrow, the 11th, is my birthday. Apparently I'll have a ticket that says I'm 35, and I have mixed feelings about it. Age is a strange thing, don't you think? Most folk always pressume I'm younger than I am - perhaps I don't look it and I know I don't behave it.... and the associations of someone in their mid-thirties are missing. There's no mortgage (hoorah!), no kids, not even a husband. Apparently I have a pension but I couldn't tell you much about it. I don't have a season ticket or private health care. The total of my life experiences, good and bad may amount to an older age than mine, but who knows? How should a 35 year old be? My Dad often tells me that I haven't changed, that I'm still the excitable, logical, thoughtful and impulsive child I always was.

Oh hell, age is just another label; a bracket or goalpost that folk use to define themselves and others with. 'Ruth' is enough of a label for me, ta. And mine's a glass of champers, if you're asking.

It's ok, I do know what you're all up to. Strangely, at least one of Blogger's servers went down not long after the start of the event. What with the rumoured 3000+ of you, I'm not surprised. I do however wish the GB team the best luck ever, infact I'd say it was karma owing. And I promise not to feel all battered and bruised at the lack of folk passing through here ;)

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