Wahoo! It's that time of year again. I love New Year - all the optimism it brings, a chance to start afresh. We still don't know what we're up to tonight by way of a celebration, but who cares if we stay in? Anyhow, it's customary to do a quick round up of the passing year, so here goes.

2006 has been a good year, can't deny it. On the down side I'm still on the meds but the dose is decreasing instead of increasing. Have gained some weight, gone up from a UK10 to a UK12 (a record - have never been this big before) but that's gonna shift, believe me. Our truck got stolen but we replaced it with a better one and our plans to escape are still on.

And on the plus side? Where do I start! Woolly Wormhead is evolving like mad - a rockin' 22 patterns have been written this year! Patterns have been published in MagKnits, The AntiCraft and Knitty. That's pretty damn good. Although let's not remind ourselves of the YKW feature and the tiny fact that I really shouldn't model my own Hats ;)

My hand-spun is improving and getting more creative and has gained itself an outlet. I got meself the sexiest wheel ever. The Spirals Hats have been a huge success. I got shot of a job that I was seriously unhappy in and am finally doing what I've always, always wanted to do. It's what I'm best at, too.

2007 will see us build our own home on wheels, and get outta town. I cannot wait to be living amongst communities that don't feel the need to stare or judge me for what I look like or believe in, or for being a sleepaholic. I'm not referring to the online community as you are all amazing. I mean those folk in the real world that are still too blinkered. I know now that the dark illness is aggravated by staying in one place for too long, especially a place that doesn't feel like home. I wasn't designed for bricks n'mortar, mortgages and the like. This coming year will see me finally break free.

We're not going to bother with NY resolutions. It's not that I deliberately break rules or go out of my way to bend them, it's almost incidental. But there are a few aims.

Most importantly, to get my physical health up to scratch. Need to start walking more and getting out and about. Hopefully my weight will come down and energy levels rise. My head's getting better, so the body needs to catch up. Otherwise? Well, to just keep on doing the same and more! Oh, a bit of organisation and memory improvement wouldn't go amiss. And to catch up with friends more often.

That's about it. So dearest, wonderful woolly friends, thank you for your time, thoughts and support throughout 2006. You've all been incredible. May 2007 bring you all the happiness you desire and plenty of creativity.

*Happy New Year!*

AuthorWoolly Wormhead