In true style, somehow, over the xmas holidays I've managed to mess up my medication. Something to do with chemists and GP's being closed for 5 days and me forgetting. Or not planning ahead, something like that. Anyhow, have woken from my slumber with a need to explain a few things. Best not to ask why.

Mailing List
If you didn't get a festive greeting via the mailing list last week, you're not on it! When I sent the 'tester' some time back, I added a few contacts from my address book and then deleted most. I'm not fond of finding my details on lists just because I've contacted someone, and so didn't want to do that meself.

The long and short is that if anyone contacts me through the website or purchases something, you are not automatically added to the mailing list. You need to add yerself, dear friends.

You may have noticed that I've switched over to beta blogger. Loving the labelling and instance publishing, but I'm not getting your email address from comments to reply personally. Think there's a slight conflict with the old and new versions.

Couple that with the fact that I've just got my first, very own laptop (wahoo!) and am having serious issues with Microsoft Outlook, the email addies that I do have may get lost. Damn Microsoft for not liking my Yahoo address book and punishing me for not using Hotmail. Pah. All I want to do is to be able to send grown-up emails from my posh website account and have all my emails go into one little box. Soon, bear with me.

Back to bed. Tomorrow will bring an even number, tinglier tounge and a foggier head. Joy. Roll on my new prescription. Adios.

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