The fog is starting to clear thanks to emergency meds from my pharmacist. Email nonsense sorted too, so my grown-up email addy is fully active. Whilst transferring everything and setting up the new laptop (my laptop! did I say that already?) a few lost photos appeared... and so here they are, for all to laugh at.

The nice one's first. The white Hat above is one of the many I have in my collection. Carina found it for me when she was in Madeira, and apparently exclaimed upon finding it that she knew the only person that would ever wear it. I *love* it. Obviously. And a nice girly webcam shot of me taken during the flirtation period between me & Tom ('cos you do take nice photos of yerself to give to potential boyfriends, don't you?)

Tom knitting (in bed, too. And he moans at me) and me during my 'wig phase' (will explain that one another time)

I'm not being miserable, just trying to take a decent shot of the new Hat I'd made. Honest. And the first photo taken on my first ever camera phone. Doesn't look like me, but it is. I should know 'cos I took it.

It's not going to surprise anyone to hear that there are lots of photos of me in Hats, eh? Can't lay claim to anything other than ownership of these two, although I do wish I'd designed the blue/purple one. You can tell it's not one of mine as it's seamed at the back, worked on straights. Found it for sale in Brighton years ago, and despite being skint it came home with me. This black one is still one of my favourites. It came from Greenwich market, and they probably still sell them.

A rare shot of me smiling first thing in the morning, and Tom looking rather fetching in one of my hand knits.

Go on, laugh. I'm cringing!

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