...it has indeed. So I'm not the only one that Xmas has crept up on then? Have been finding it kinda strange that I've not felt it at all this year... then I remembered that I'm not at school, with the panto preparations and the kids going bonkers, all the build up. I see it around me but the vibe hasn't been passed on.

For some reason, I looked out of the window and felt winter today for the first time. Maybe it was the fog - I don't know. I was getting ready to go out and see Amy, a dear friend of mine who has been rather neglected during my hibernation, so maybe that was it - catching up with loved ones, which is what this time of year is all about.

We went to the V&A and played with the light/sound installation and then shopped in the shop (bad move, too much temptation. Still, at least it wasn't the Tate Modern shop. That would have been too, too much) We went for food, and then Amy took us to the most fabulous treat.

The Shunt Lounge bar. Has to be the most amazing place I have stepped into since I moved here. Just when you thought London had no secrets left to share, this place will leave you in awe. It's an artists' den come bar underneath London Bridge station. Find an obscure, unmarked door from the station, wander down a dark unlit tunnel and there it is - the underground before the Underground. Totally amazing. I want to show everyone. I really cannot find the words to describe this place. Gordon's wine bar is nothing compared to this place. Really wish I was feeling more descriptive right now - just so that you, dear reader, could experience the experience I felt this evening.

Other news. You could call me mad for taking on another order this side for xmas, that needed to be finished before xmas. But when your MIL asks you to make a Hat for another relative, it's hard to say "no". So here we have a Hat for a lady who's from Liverpool, supports Liverpool FC and has a liking for chullo Hats. Speaks for itself, eh? Lucky I had some undyed chunky left, as white is hard to find I my stash.
Managed to get a few cards in the post, but as usual have lost my address book, so only 4 have been sent. Recieved one of Ysolda's beautiful hand-made cards today - thank you sweetie! Tom's present is done and sorted, as is everyone elses. And now, knowing that even if someone places an order or makes a purchase from the website, I can relax knowing that they won't be wanting it much before the new year. At least not until after boxing day. Peace.

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