eek - Tom's just told me that xmas day is next monday, like a week away. That's completely thrown me into a panic - I'm not ready for xmas! Still a couple of payments to come in, and I'm not sure they'll clear in time.... is it bad to borrow money from your boyfriend to buy his present? And I haven't even thought about cards yet. This'll be another year I don't send any. Tsk.

To make up for my tardiness, here's more info on 'Barp', our bus. Affectionately named with an anagram from the letters in her registration number. Class. Last truck didn't get named, nor did I get to drive her. But I've already tackled this lady - drove her all the way home from Worcester and I *loved* it!! Ra - totally get now why you went in for HGV's ;)

Took me a while to get used to the power assisted steering ("are you sure there's no play in this steering wheel?") and then her width..... but I tell ya, I loved towering above all the cars. Tom's been teaching me the etiquette amongst truck drivers and how to cope with a beastie that doesn't want to go faster than 67 mph (put me behind the wheel of a car and I'm a speed-demon)

She's home safe and sound. Have spent the weekend sleeping - all the excitement took it's toll. Tom's been hunting for the best security devices, meantime the battery has been taken out so she can't go anywhere.

Measurements have all been taken and the plans have already started. There's not as much space internally to play with as there was in the last truck, but it's still manageable. We were a bit spoilt with the size of the last one, must confess, but this beastie is a much better vehicle all round. She's gonna be 10 in January, and you see these fella's still going strong when they're 40. Shall blog all the geeky technical stuff when we've got a few plans to share.

Otherwise, there's been some of this and this going on:-

And then these arrived this morning. And here was me thinking I might get a break over xmas! So much to do, so little time.... might have to go and get some Rescue Remedy as I can feel a panic attack coming on.... calm down brain! There's only Tom's pressie to get, all the rest are made and/or sorted. Well, mostly. But I can cope! Yes I can. I don't need Rescue Remedy, do I. Do I?
Oh - have now sold 2 Hats on Etsy!
Dammit. We're out of loo paper and chocolate. I can feel a headache coming on.

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