This is ours, and are we happy or what?! Wasn't gonna blog about it until we've got her home safe and sound incase I jinxed it... but played it safe with the last one and that didn't do us any favours!

So here we have our 'beast'. A 1997/P reg Mercedes 609 'welfare coach'... so named because she has back doors and a hydraulic disabled lift. 4 litre diesel engine, a 6 tonner. We'll strip the lift and seats out and sell them - could get 500 quid or more back on the cost of the vehicle, which would be fab.

So not only is this one younger and meatier than the stolen last truck, it has less miles on the clock and needs virtually no structural work before we can start kitting out the inside! Apart from removing the seats etc, we'd need to block up a couple of windows, but that's easier than putting windows in.

Has an aluminium body (no rust!) nice'n tall and wide although she lacks the luton bit of the last one. But hey, that's no issue - we'll put a raised bed at the back giving us mountains of storage underneath. Haven't got the fine details & exact measurements etc as we've literally just won her (Ebay - stressful) but she's roughly 20ft long, 7ft wide and about 9ft-ish tall.

She's virtually identical to one's we've viewed recently, so we've already got rough plans for layout. The bonus is that she cost us the same as the insurance company paid out for the stolen one... so we've got a younger, meatier, stronger wagon at no extra cost! A snip, darling.

She's a bit beige, eh? But at least she's not a running advert for a bus company so no urgent respray needed. Infact, she's only got a few scuff marks so we can leave the bodywork alone and concentrate on the inside. We're gonna fit a solar panel on top to keep us in electricty. We've eyed a cool mini woodburner to keep us warm in winter (she's already lined and insulated too) and we may have enough cash leftover to to fit a funky awning. There's room to fit a (weeny) shower/loo as well as a decent sized kitchen. She's also got a funky electric front door and I may just fit a window box at the front.... Oh, and we'll add every high tech security device known to mankind so that no-one can run off with her except us.
She's a beast of a wagon. We've got wheels again! Did I say that loud enough?
We're with wheels again!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead