Some interesting feedback on the Becks add, cheers! I'm inclined to agree that it's still a bit vague, but from what folk have said, it could well be a piggy-back thang...

Wormhead has a new stockist for hand-spun - The Knit Tin! The order arrived today, so hopefully after a lot of stroking the yarns will be listed for sale... if they make past the shop owner ;)

Another project I've been working on is for Val at the Woolly Shepherd. She emailed me recently, after a search for a Hat designer (fancy finding Wormhead, eh?) asking if I'd design a pattern for her yarns. She dyes her own wool, which is spun from her own flock, and indeed is very nice wool to work with. The colours are lovely - here it is in action. The pattern is intended for kits - a local craftsman is making the needles. It's all written and emailed, so will keep you posted as to when the kits will be ready.

Otherwise, it's full on stress and the consequent procrastination. Grr. Pah. Two patterns need to be written by next friday.... now, this shouldn't be too difficult, but does my brain want to focus? Does it heck. Concentration was never my strong point (hell knows how I passed so many damn exams, as coursework was rarely completed on time and revision never entered my vocabulary) but it's even harder these days. Now, if these patterns were simply being written for my website, there'd be no issue. But they're not, and their intended purpose can't yet be revealed. Dear readers, if you can spare some calming & focusing vibes, please send them this way. Folk who work well under stress and revel in the thought of a deadline baffle me.

Btw, before I go and drown my weekend in frogging, writing and re-writing, I'll ask you to go check out Sue's Hat of Horns - doesn't it look great?

Onwards into the wilderness. Have a chilled weekend folks x

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