This is a pre-typed post, so if it's visible it means the Iritis is back.

It's a dodgy eye condition with lots of complications including blindness. It's recurrent, too, and had my regular trip to Moorfields today. It's been nearly 2 years since it was last here, but prior to that I had 9 attacks in 3 years in both eyes!

As I've had pupil adhesions before (nasty - shall save the gory details for another time) my eyes need to be permanently dilated for a week or so, so there's no threat of sight loss. Sigh. So no computers, TV, light sources, reading or anything that requires my eyes to focus. It will be a dark and blurry world for a while. But hey, I can still knit (but not write patterns) and spinning shouldn't be a problem either, so that's cool.

Tom will look after Woolly Wormhead so he'll deal with orders and urgent messages. And there's always the phone if you have my number.

Catch up soon! x

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