Man, what a day! And boy, I'm exhausted.

Indeed, it was a good craft fair. A proper Craft Fair. Nearly 100% genuine craftsmen and makers selling at real, labour worthy prices. Mind, it was a very slow start and looked like it was going nowhere. But the afternoon rush proved otherwise and I sold some Hats!

Not loads of Hats, but enough to prove to me that yes, people will pay the right price if they like something, and there is a market for quirky, quality funky Hats. A profit - Wormhead made a good profit! Siren recieved adoration from everyone who saw her. Loads of people enjoyed trying the Hats on. There was only one comment heard along the lines of "you can buy those in Accessorize" (as if!). What's more, green Spiral Pixie sold! Am so totally made up about that. Was never sure if the Spiral Hats would sell, especially at a Craft Fair as the price reflects the labour and individuality of the work. Today has renewed my confidence and I can't tell you how great that feels.

Met and had a good chat with Frankie - her love of Hats is apparent and long may that last. Warm and friendly, lovely to meet her at last. Deanna, Frankie's friend whom I shared the stall with was great company and helped make the day. She makes some wonderful jewellery and had good sales, too. Thank you so much to both of these ladies for getting me involved.

Crashed as soon as I walked in the door, and Tom just woke me to make sure I eat something. Bless Tom for picking up his soon-to-collapse girlfriend from the event and saving her the hassle of various trains home. Am going back to my bed as soon as I've finished here, as the body seriously needs to recover. Don't expect me to surface much before tuesday.

Happiness is a Hat selling Wormhead :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead