Something weird is happening, y'know. This blog scored a whopping 100,000 hits in it's first 11 months, which is some going. Yet it's taken a mere 3 months to get the next 50,000 - how's that then? That's almost daft, innit. Strange folk, keep coming by here. I blame the free patterns and tutorials meself...

The Knit Tin have just placed another order for some hand-spun - doubled what they took last time! Wahoo! That makes Wormhead a very happy bunny. I do like this arrangement, y'know. Julie is wonderful to deal with. They (and their customers) prefer the yarns that I enjoy spinning the most, so this is one job that really doesn't feel like work. Most of the standard 2ply yarns that are listed in my shop will be the last of their kind - they can be quite labour intensive, and dare I say it, they can get a bit boring. Hey, I have an attention span of 47 minutes max. Besides, Miss Bell and others do plenty of these such yarns and we all got out own niche, eh?Singles are nice and quick, but it's the Art yarns I enjoy most... all that texture and colour. Playing with the Kid Mohair and Wensleydale locks will never get boring for me!

BTW, anyone popping by the shop today may have noticed that something was up the creek. That'd be me, trying to sort all the files out into some reasonable order. It's almost done, well, the new skeleton is in place anyhow. Still got loads to add to the galleries, which are organised proper now. After months of "shall I, shan't I" there's now a page for Wormhead's free patterns. They're not all in PDF form yet which is the aim, but hey, I'm getting there. Still gotta photograph all the hand-dyed stock I have and will create a new page for those... hopefully by the end of the week (ha!) These won't be a regular line, but it'll be interesting to see if/how they sell...

Craft Fair this sunday in Stoke Newington, London, organised by Oggle Arts. Am sharing a stall with a friend of Frankie's who's a jeweller and will be hoping to flog some Hats. Looks like it'll be a good'n, too. Have over 100 Hats (!) to take with me - all I gotta do as add the new labels etc. London bloggers please pop by and say hello :)

'Whirly Rib Cap' is popular, eh? Wonder who'll have the first finished Hat.... This pattern was another one of those that worked itself almost effortlessly, and it's one of your faves. Ribba was the same... strange how these ones are the most popular, yet those that gave me a headache aren't. Heyho.

And now time for some links, methinks.

Penny found this cartoon for the sheep challenge!

The Yarn Museum is opening shortly - go check it out. You don't need to be a spinning whizz to get your hand-spun on show, there are loads of different categories. I'll be sending some jpegs along shortly for sure.

A member of the Hat group posted this link last week - brilliant! The knitted brains are my favourite.

And now I'm going to bed to dream about our new truck. We haven't got one yet, but there's a few around to our liking at the moment, so fingers crossed.

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