Haven't the foggiest why I'm still conscious after waking (forcibly) at a ridulously early hour, and then spending the whole day in a lovely (stupidly cold) barn. Only touching the 2nd glass of vino and already I think I'm (barely) standing on a street corner singing 80's tunes. Hmmm.

A wondeful day. So lovely to meet Hazel & DH after all this time. BTW, they did a grand job with the charity sale but shall let the beans be spilt elsewhere. I covered my costs, petrol and lunch and still came home with a (small but) mentionable profit. Did a bit of networking and met Imogen - a fab feltmaker. Had chats about wool and drum carders and all sorts. Met Jan for the first time also and talked about spinning wheels. MLQ & offspring made for great stall-holder company in the afternoon, and Holly found herself a fab Hat. Bought some gorgeous hand-made ceramic beads and buttons on the charity stall, and some lavender bags that have buried themselves somewhere. A lass with as much wool as me can never have too many lavender bags. As you can see, I forgot my camera so this is all I have to show for the day!

Before I disappear into the oblivion that is vino induced sleep, take a look at these babies - sheepy needles! Oh yes, Wormhead now has her very own pair of 5mm hand-made sheep knitting needles. Such a star, Hazel, thank you! How's about that for the sheep challenge huh? You know where to find them.

There's a fair bit of hand-dyed left from today, so shall probably add most of it the shop. There's a mailing list now if ya wanna know what's new in the world of Wormhead up for grabs.

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