And, erm, forget to tell the tale of the day.

A 10 yr old boy comes wandering up to the stall, asking how much the wool was. After a day of bargain hunting older folk, I go through the prices.

I ask if it's for his Mum.
He says it's for him.

Alrighty..... so laddy, let's get you some of the easier to knit stuff that's less pricey.

He liked the bright, shiny stuff. Damn.

He parts with his pocket money. His Mum wanders over, thanks me, and reminds him she can't start him off (cast-on, that is)

"Can you teach me to knit?"

Give us 10 minutes while we wind the skein into a ball. I ask his Mum where his interest has come from, feeling rather chuffed with the enquiry. She has absolutely no idea.

10 minutes later, he comes back, happy as larry after being reminded to get his knitting needles out of the car.

He picked it up easy as anything. He asked why my finger nails were a mucky shade of purple and I told him how I learnt to knit in the dark.

Made my afternoon, that did.

And no, I didn't teach him to sniff yarn.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead