Remember this skein of Wormhead hand-spun? A whopper of a skein, 130g, 130m of yummy orange, one ply merino the other hand dyed BFL. Well, it found itself a welcome home with Madame Zabet, she of The AntiCraft fame, and here's what she knitted with it..... isn't it just so cool? It's new name is the 'Angry Gnome Hat' for reasons best read on her blog.....

All the dyeing is finally done - finally - and am already for tomorrow. That ready that I might afford myself the luxury of an afternoon nap. Here's all the stock.

That small bag, barely a third full, sitting on top? That's all the hand-spun I have, about 2.5kg or so. That'll give you an idea as to how much dyeing I've been doing this week, as the other 3 full bags are all hand-dyed... The one next week in Stoke Newington will be loads easier to prepare for, as I'll be selling Hats and we all know I have plenty of those ;)

Post Update:- Blimey, I sound grumpy but I'm not! Just tired.... and now getting rather excited about tomorrow as it's my first Craft Fair of the season. Looking forward, too, to finally meeting Hazel. Am now thinking I'll give the afternoon nap a miss in an effort to get more hand-spun ready for tomorrow, nutter that I am...

Another Post Update:- Tom's just suggested I make the following sign for my yarns tomorrow...

"You touch, you buy. You sniff, you pay double!"

Hahaha! Well, it amused me anyway.

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