My dyeing mojo finally seems to be returning, slowly, but hey, ya can't rush a good thing. Firstly though, patterns. Must be the relief after working on the projects with deadlines, as these seemed rather effortless to finish!

This one I uploaded a couple of weeks ago then completely forgot to mention it. Called it 'PlayBoy' for all the obvious reasons ;) Asking for 100g/137yds/126m of any chunky yarn and set of 5mm DPN's, gauge 16sts to 10cm/4". This sample is knitted from some beautiful hand-spun I picked up from one of the Guild stands at Woolfest and I love it! Not expecting it to be a best seller, but you need to have some fun, eh?

Next up, a design I worked ages ago and have finally got around to putting into a pattern - 'Sloppy Joe'. Not a difficult knit, using simple shaping to create a loose and floppy style. There's 3 sizes included, and you could knit it slightly less baggy if you fancied. 'M' from the Netherlands - I did try emailing you but it bounced! - this is pretty much the design you were asking about. Same gauge as the last one, this one is knitted in Aracunia Nature Wool chunky but any chunky would do. 100g, 5.5mm DPN's etc.

'Whirly Rib Cap' - this little baby I adore! Started playing around with yarn forwards, k2togs etc and this is the result. Love it's retro factor. It's an eyelet rib on the bias, and it's shape is enhanced by thin panels of plain stocking stitch. Only finished it last night, and it really did cheer me up. This rotten cold has really been getting me down and this was just the tonic I needed.

The maths would normally give a true beret shape, yet the rib makes it into a cute, perky little cap. Using 100g of Aran/Worsted and a set of 4.5mm DPN's - although for anyone not used to working eyelets in the round, it might be easier to work the pattern on circulars for technical reasons (when changing onto the next DPN, it's to easy to lose the YF and mess up) hence I think it'd be better for intermediate knitters. Great in the hand-dyed, it'd also look cool in a plain dye too.

The template I use for the shop does this weird thing of putting all new items at the bottom of the page, so scroll down to find them. Annoying huh?! Really need to do some work on my website, particuarly with the galleries - need to divide the Hats up into small groups, as there's way too much in one place and it's messy. Not time this week though, loads more dyeing to do....

And here's the results of friday's fibre frenzy. As always, the colours aren't very strong in the photos. Some are better than others - a few may be over-dyed. But the mojo is back so plenty of wonderful colours to come out of my kitchen this week!

There's still at least 3kg left to do, which might not sound much to some, but space is an issue and mass dye baths are impossible. I'm doing the Charity Craft Fair with Hazel this weekend, and I'm listed as selling hand-dyed and hand-spun yarns (to avoid too much competition with all those lovely knitted goods everyone has been donating ;) so need plenty of stock. If you're in the Kent region this saturday, do pop by and buy something say hello!

Have a couple of Craft Fairs booked. As well as the one next week in Kent, the following sunday I'll be in Stoke Newington selling Hats at the Oggle Arts Fair. *Still* haven't recieved my settlement pay from Greenwich council, so really must sell some stock if I'm ever going to afford Xmas. Car needs it's MOT too. Skint? You bet.

A quick message for anyone reading who is likely to phone (particuarly my Mum) and also Val, I will chat to you too soon! - This damn cold has left my ears all blocked and I can't hear a single thing, so save your phone bill.

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