Uknitty and meself would like to know why Becks are using balls of wool to advertise their beer? There are 4 black no.8 balls amongst all this wool, a visual depiction (apparently) of the 4% alcohol beer. Doesn't make sense to me.... can anyone shed any light?

Dressing up for Samhain and going along to AngelKnits last night was good fun. Wormhead was a naughty girl and drank too much wine (a self imposed alcohol ban and the knit meet being held in a pub - how's a woman meant to control temptation?) and this is the result of a random moment with a stranger on the way home, armed with a tube of fake blood.

Today is a write-off due to last night's antics, and so shall make the most of my bed. Before I climb back under the duvet, here's a little preview of some new hand-spun added to my shop - go take a look!

Wormhead will see you all the other side of her hangover, when hopefully she will make more sense.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead