There's a strong debate about whether meta-tags work or not. Likewise, the whole link exchange business too. Infact, link exchanges don't - it's singular, independant links that are effective at improving your Google rating and so on. Your link rating is relative, so each time you exchange you don't climb any higher - make sense?

Now, this 'ere blog does alright in searches - pretty high ranking sometimes. It's my webshop that needs a bit of help. So. The template I used to build the site allows you 10 words, and 10 only, to use as meta-tags. Keywords that folk might use in searches.

Now - which 10 words would be most effective for my shop?

It's trickier than you think.... there's the UK spelling of 'woolly' which the US know as 'wooly' (and believe me, this blog name is spelt incorrectly more times than it's spelt correctly!) .... and is it handspun or hand spun? Which 10 words are gonna cut the mustard?

Oh, and I've had some bloody good news today!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead