In other words, this is gonna be a long post. To make life easier, it'll be divided up into sub-sections. Ain't I nice?

There's been a good response to my oddments request a couple of posts back - cheers! It's not been too difficult working out pricing and trade deals. The first two parcels have arrived, so here's a little peep at what's been keeping the cats entertained....

1st parcel is from Ysolda - a mere kilo of the stuff! This is a great bundle, as there are loads of yarns I wouldn't normally end up with. Ysolda said she wasn't sure if they were all my kinda thing, but with this stuff that can be a good. It'll push me to be more creative and give me greater variety within the freeform and spiral Hats, which is exactly what I was after.

Mr Postie decided not to deliver this at his usual lunchtime slot, and instead woke us up at 7.30am. Tom wasn't overly impressed with getting out of bed for a parcel of wool, but I thought it was worth getting up for. Thank you Ysolda :)

The 2nd parcel was from Sarah. Here we have leftovers, mostly dyed by herself. Most of it is BFL which as I've said trillions of times, I love. There's about 300g, which is fantastic. And even the little pieces that may only be a couple of feet long will still make a contribution. There's plenty of colour and will work well with the plainer shades from the 1st bundle. Thank you Sarah :)

Recieving all this is a bit like being given an old button box.... I've been engrossed in sorting them out, piling them up into colours and appreciating all the variety. Wonderful. I've still a few more deals to arrange, bags of leftovers to collect. You're all making this girl very happy!

As well as sorting out my stash and working out what I need more of, I've also been making hard decisions about what's no longer needed. Now that we're truckless and starting our search again, we've no idea how much space we'll have to live in. We're gonna be very lucky to find another vehicle as big as the one we had, and it's likely that we'll have to change a few plans. So, the clearing out vibe that's been sweeping through the flat has hit all my crafty stuff. We have to be harsh and be as minimal as we can.

In light of this, I've set up a temporay page on my webshop purely for destashing. Thought I'd try it this way, rather than use Ebay and pay loads of fees. If they don't sell, then I'll list them?

I've realised I'm not keen on spinning with Alpaca. Call me mad you might (you wouldn't be the first) but I'm just not keen. Think it's because it demands to be a finer yarn, as it should, and I just don't have the patience. So there's some of that up for grabs. Also, I have a small amount of thick/thin, Point 5 style bulky yarns. Beautiful they are but they're just too thick for me. They've been sitting in my stash, balled up and unused for quite some time.

They're all listed on the Special Offers page. I'd also be open to trading or swaping if you fancy it. Fibre wise, I'd be looking for Merino or BFL. I have Wensleydale coming out of my ears, so don't really need any of that for now. Yarn wise, the ideal gauge range is 3mm up to about 5/5.5mm. 4ply can be doubled with another yarn, which pushes the colour combinations further. Anything over a chunky gets too difficult to work, as the spirals need to be worked on a smaller gauge for strength and structure. And of course you know my choice... pure wools darling in not too much of a single colour ;)

The first 2 Noshi Knitting Monographs are available, and mine arrived in the post the other day. I bought the PDF's as well as the paper copies 'cos I'm like that. They're not hugely expensive, and postage is included in the price.
Haven't had a thorough read yet, but have skimmed to get the jist. The 2nd one will probably have wider interest, as it's all about dealing with stocking stitch edges.

Now, that might sound dull, but it appeals to my techie side. The writer completed a number of experiments with different yarns, cast on methods and so on to work out which rolled more, and if there was a formula to avoid rolling. Very thoroughly done, I must say, and rather appealing to anyone like me who doesn't like ribbed edging. When I did a year of an industrial Textiles degree (yeah, it was meant to be 3 years but I dropped out after the first and run off to Goldsmiths to do an arty Textiles degree) we did lots of experiments like this, and still have all my notes somewhere.

Anyhow. Verdict? I think the series would be worthwhile investing in. Looks to be some interesting essays coming up.

Sorry, did she say Hats? What's she talking about them for? Thought her thang was socks.....

The new spiral Hat is finished. After Siren, it probably seems a bit plain ;) Anyhow, me fancied something a bit more fun. Please excuse the dodgy blue lighting - natural light has been crap and I was in a hurry.

It's slightly more indigo and purple in real life, with a hint of green. A lovely blueish grey is used for the trim, bringing all the colours together.

There's been another discussion in the Hat group about pricing. It's a subject that's been discussed a lot on here, and I'm pretty confident now (ish) with how to price up my work. But it has reminded me about a rant that's been brewing, which I'll share at some point... am even thinking of starting a campaign! Ooh, Wormhead gets political ;) Now, that doesn't happen very often.... Won't bore you with it now though.

There's been a splurge in wonderful new Hats and patterns lately. Think Whip-Up having september as 'Hat month' helped the cause. Anyhow, that all deserves a post in itself so shall save that for another time too.

In General
The body has been demanding lots of sleep again, so as usual I'm way behind with all the things I planned to do. Have emails to answer, phone calls to make (which is something I can be really phobic about) so need to be a brave girl today and get on with it.

I've got another ear infection, which is fun. Am getting used to having only one ear functioning at a time. Also think I've got a chest infection so will have to drag meself of to the GP. Damn my body and it's weak immune system.

Head-wise though, things are good. With all the stuff that was happening a few weeks back, loss of job, loss of truck, my head went on a bit of a rollercoaster, sending me all over the place. I did feel quite sorry for Tom having to live with me like that, but he's really understanding and supportive. Anyhow, it's all settled down and the general mood is pretty positive. Confused and unfocused, but optimistic.

Left it too late to volunteer at Ally Pally this year, so probably can only afford to go thursday and saturday now. Besides, friday will be an ideal recovery day. Have already arranged to meet loads of people on thursday so that's exciting (and to let a little cat out of the bag, a certain someone is heading down south for a visit)

That's me done for now. Shall see many of you next week!

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