Slightly different this one, as it only uses 2 yarns. The shapes have been on the make for ages....

The main yarn is a 'Chicks With Sticks' Shetland DK that my SP8 spoilee sent me - thank you! Lovely yarn to work with, easy to crochet. All natural, no dyes or chemicals, and spun from the flock at The Hideaway Farm, Marshall, Michigan.

The trimming yarn is the Habu silk that I bought at Ally Pally - there's loads of this yarn left. I kept making the shapes until the Shetland ran out, so it did me proud.

I'm still wondering about adding a few more rounds of crochet around the edge, as it only just fits on a real head. Some folk may not think of these Hats as wearable but I do, and I'd hate this one to fall off if there isn't enough grip ;)

I like her, but not sure how much yet.... She's different, was slightly challenging. Any thoughts?

Silvia and Susoolu - Hats inspired by the workshops? They'll be on their way once I've finished the batch of spinning for a new customer/store (details to follow), finished a pattern for a magazine (to be revealed), finalised a kinda collaborative project (ready shortly) and finished all the dyeing I need to dye for an upcoming craft fair (more later).... Man, Wormhead's busy.

SP - if you're reading, can you get in touch? Hope you're well :)

'M' from Netherlands - I tried sending you an email re your request, but it bounced! Seems I have a defunct email addy?

It's wednesday, right? Good. I've managed a whole day awake today.

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