Only what, 10 days late? Forgive me but I've been sleeping! Really? Sleeping? What are you thinking of woman. Sleep's for girls.

The workshops were great, really good fun and informative. The first one of the day (saturday) was with Prudence Mapstone on Bullion crochet. PM runs the Hat group, and so when I introduced myself she asked if I was Ruth of Woolly Wormhead! Yey - PM knew my Hats :) Enough showing off, here's the samples made.

The first is a rectangular piece, working the bullions in a straight row and then mixing them with trebles. We were given a cotton yarn to work with so instantly my tension goes all skewiff. Once I started on the round piece, my hands were happier and the tension improved ;) Now I'm sure I don't need to tell you that my head started exploding with ideas from this workshop.... And despite it's reputation as the most difficult crochet stitch, it wasn't that bad. Time consuming maybe, but the hardest part is keeping regular tension, and PM gave us loads of tips for that.

We found time later in the day for a few photos. Despite the fact that this photo should be cherished, it has to be one of the worst ever taken of me.... there ain't that many good ones floating around anyway..... Anyhow, here's moi and PM!

Next up was the coil wrapping workshop with Jean Draper. Despite having books on the subject, I'd never tried any basketry techniques so was really looking forward to this one too. The technique of wrapping is pretty simple, tension again being the thing to master. Me thinks I did pretty well... in fact mine was the neatest sample (brownie points, please) Made my hands hurt though! Again, ideas were sprouting... not necessarily wrapping as heavily as this piece, as the finished shape would be too rigid for Hats. But I could certainly use the basics and make soft, floppy extras to adorn my creations.

The last workshop of the day was with Ruth Lee. There are no photos as I frogged the sample (made from Sirdar Bigga. Pah) and gave the wool yarn to the K&R stand. Anyhow's, another great workshop, where I learnt to knit and purl backwards, and was reminded of so many uses of short rows, and wrapping & turning. May have also have sussed the reason why, on the rare occassions that I make socks, the tension and short rows aren't as neat as I'd like. Ruth was good fun, and also knew my work (tada!) so I walked away from the day all excited an enthused.

Sue also had her moment of glory, which she's already bragged about.... Talking of Sue, here's the sheepy gift she gave me. Can you tell what it is? Why, it's a pen with a Rasta Sheep on it! How appropriate is that? Hats off to Sue, she's been doing a mighty fine job with the Sheep Challenge.

I'd taken my latest Spiral creations along to show PM, so some people took the oppurtunity to mess around and have a giggle. Tsk. Knitters.... honestly. This photo is stolen from the Boss Lady, and is a milder view of what Wibbo was up to with my Hats... If you click here you'll find a short clip of the now infamous Hat wars. We were all in fits of laughter, such a great way to start a saturday (especially when feeling sleep and coffee deprived)

Bloggers were out in force. Brilliant to catch up with familiar faces and meet new ones. Couldn't possibly start to list them all, but one new face was Spinning Sue - great to finally meet you! I also met Carol from UKHK (over from South Africa) who did that thing of knowing who I was, without me having the foggiest idea who she was until I worked it out, so that did my head in momentarily! Gill from the Woolly Workshop also recognised me... it's the dreads methinks.

Saturday evening saw us in the company of Susoolu. Pizza, wine and loads of fibery chat was had, a lovely evening. Poor Tom went to bed early around 1am, slightly bored of all our woolly talk ;) Talking of Susoolu, she'd forgotten to bring down a bag of promised oddments from herself and BlueAdt, so sent them all in the post.

Wormhead's been very lucky with all these oddments, don't you agree? Already I've been playing away, thoroughly enjoying myself! So much wool!

Time to get on, wake up, and try and get my head into pattern writing mode again. Crochet, this time. Some great news to share - I'm going to SkipNorth again! Despite being broke, I couldn't bear the thought of missing out... so when (eventually) my settlement pay comes through from work, a small portion of it is going into my piggy bank just for this event. Rock on.

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