Woolworths have a new TV advertising campaign, featuring a woolly sheep named 'Woolly'. Doh.

His jumper unravels throughout the ad, incase that's not clear.

And by some tenous link, if you have a sheep as the star of an ad, then you have to have a sheep dog as a side kick.

I know I owe blog posts, sharing the workshops at Ally Pally and the sheepy gift Wye Sue gave me. And all the tutorials I've written and the 11 new skeins of hand-spun needing photographing for the shop. Wormhead's gonna be a prolific blogger for a while...

Right now though, an old friend of Tom's is over from Holland so we're all going round to Sheila's for beer.


Even cooler than Woolworths' Woolly is this sheep making a guest appearance on Ren & Stimpy. Spotted whilst drinking beer at Sheila's. Feeling a bit tired and lazy about layout, so you'll need to click to make biggable. But definitely cooler than the other sheep.

I need my bed.

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