Now, before I start I'd just like to clear up a small point. True Sue, I may have had trouble standing up under the weight of that bag on thursday, but I didn't buy it all at the show, and didn't buy it all full stop! The haul was modest compared to last year or SkipNorth or WoolFest ;) Oh poo, it's a fair cop. Yep, Wormhead aquired a lot of wool (again)

Jeez, it's just dawned on me that I may have a reputation for intensive stash enhancement.... hmm... can I defend myself by pointing out my cunning bargain hunting skills? And that I do use it all? Like, I am trying to run a business....

Enough of my hole digging - time for the booty. As previously mentioned, most of the spending was on fibre, so let's start there.

Piiku. We love Piiku! I bought a couple of small bundles last year and only got round to spinning them recently, and their fibres are great. The carded batts are light, lofty and fluffy - no pre drafting required. Lovely soft wool in wonderful colours. And (cough) a fair bit found it's way home with me.

There's a wool cake of fine pencil roving in brilliant pinks and purples, knittable as it is but I like plying with it. Some dyed Finn sheep locks which I'll use for texture - about 200g of each?

100g each of tonal blues and tonal pinks which will make great yarns. I did suggest to the Piiku stall that they push spinning more, as they were aiming the fibres at felters only. Nowt wrong with felters, as I'll dabble when I have the time, but just thought they were missing out on the yarny market.

Anyhow. More (more!) Piiku fibre. 50g and 100g bundles of natural colours and a couple of blended/tonal shades. Shall dye up the white stuff and see how that goes. There's another 150g or so that made onto the girlfriend stealer before being photographed, and so here it is as yarn!

This pink/green/blue/yellow combo looked great as a bundle, but am not so sure of it as a yarn. Kinda decided that it needs a plain black to be plied with.

I do like this 2nd one, though. The bundle was a blended mix of reds and pinks, and the photo really doesn't do it justice. There's 100g, not checked yardage yet. Shall photograph it proper before adding it to the shop.

Merino in abundance! Who could resist all these colours from Handweavers? There is, ahem, rather a lot of these bundles weighing in at 20g each. Maybe 30? Sound a lot? Well, there's actually 60! Haha! Had no idea I'd bought that many.... Their merino is top quality and buying like this doesn't work out any more expensive than buying it by the kilo, which is handy. Being as I'd never seen flourescent pink and lime green merino quite like this, I had to have it. Obviously. 1.2kg, 12 skeins worth. Should keep me quiet for a while....

Yarn? Found one stand selling Twilleys Freedom wool at a bargain price, so 2 x 50g balls purchased. The merino/possum was a gift (yey) and will possibly dye that, just to try it out. Wye Sue got me the blue and pink merinos at a shop closure sale a while back, so glad to take them home. My one frivolous spend was on 1oz/28g of silk from Habu. Have got a somewhat challenging spirals Hat to finish, and this yarn will finish it off nicely.

Oops. Forgot my visit to the WensleyDale Longwool stand.... 190g of hand-dyed Wensleydale roving - yummy! I know, I could dye it myself but the colours wouldn't stop pestering me. Some hand-dyed locks for a fancy yarn. Rather annoying, these were nearly twice the price per gram than they were at Woolfest. But hey, that's Ally Pally for you.

A bundle of undyed roving. Bought the same bundle at WoolFest, and the label says there's approximately 500g, but the last one yielded nearer 600. And at a great price, it wasn't staying there ;)

Finally, the non-fibre goodies. There's a hand-carved horn crochet hook, two oval horn buttons, one larger hand-carved horn button and two pink 'vegetable ivory' buttons, all from the One World Button Company. Completely gorgeous. The 'Bullions & Beyond' book was a pressie from Prudence Mapstone! She also gave me her 'Handbag' book, which I've given to my mum for inspiration. Rather nice of PM, don't you think? Lucky Wormhead!

Cursing me? Wondering how the hell my bank balance managed all this? The guys at the I Knit London shop bought a fair bit of hand-spun from me a couple of weeks back, and that funded my 3 days at the show. My train fares, snacks, even our friday night take-out came out of the same budget. Which it's what it's all about, isn't it? Sell yarn to buy more fibres to make more yarns.

Loads more to follow but right now, sleep is needed. Laters ;)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead