More goodies have been landing on planet Wormhead. I've yet to photograph my (modest) haul from Ally Pally, and am still waiting for photos from others to arrive in my inbox depicting all the fun and mayhem (kept forgetting camera was in bag). So meantime, here's the latest gathering of oddments and leftovers. Feast your eyes!

Here we have hand-dyed goodies from Nikki, all created with her own hands! (She is planning to sell her dyed yarns, so look out for that) Lovely mixes of reds and blues, all ready to inspire a new spirals project. Talking of spirals, has anyone else noticed the amount of crochet spirals and circles being made throughout blogland? Strange, that ;)

Next up, a wonderful package from Angie. Some of you will already know the beautiful work Angie creates, so it will be no surprise that there's a lovely mix of colours and textures in this bundle. There's a couple of hundred grams here, so plenty to feed the oddments stash.

MLQ had been hoarding saving this lot for a rainy day, yet came to that realisation that they'll probably be sitting there forever, and so they've arrived here. I have promised Mary-Lou that they will be used, and they will, as Wormhead is rather good these days at actually using the stash. Go check out MLQ's new online store - you'll find the genius bag charm/stitch markers!

Now, if you think that lot was a good haul, the demon stash monster wanted to clear out yarns leftover from various clients/jobs, and I was the very lucky recipient. I was bowled over. Infact, seeing the size of the bag that contained all these caused me to burst out laughing!

There is Texere chunky wool in abundance. Loads of brilliant, bright colours, much of which is in complete 100g balls. Like, how many Hats will this lot make?

But that wasn't the end of it. Oh no. There was also some Jamieson's Shetland DK. Using the word 'some' rather loosely here. All in beautiful tonal shades from cream through to dark brown, wonderfully autuminal. I can already see these yarns working together in a spirals Hat, and maybe some fairisle designs.

I haven't yet totalled up what there is in weight here, but it's a lot. An amazingly generous woman.

Boy, did I have fun travelling home after the show on thursday with this lot! Bashing my way through London Bridge station at rush hour ;) A couple of other folk forgot their promised bags of goodies, and I was rather relieved, as I'm not sure I'd have made it home... so more to arrive in the post this week!

After reading my post on UKHK, offering to buy wool oddments from folk wishing to destash, Wendy emailed me. She has her own small flock of Wensleydale and Ryeland, and had had their fleeces spun at a small mill. Now, she tells me there was way too much for her to ever use, and wondered if I was interested in buying any of it. Oddments it may not be, but no wool connoisseur would be daft enough to say "no".

I bought a couple of kilos of the Wensleydale, which is still in it's natural, oiled state so will need a bath before dunking in the dye pots. The Wensleydale is DK weight, the Ryeland aran weight. I only bought a small amount of Ryeland compared to the Wensleydale, as I hadn't used it before. There's a skein of natural white (which will probably be dyed - we're a 'no whites' household') and a skein of natural brown. The Ryeland is wonderfully soft, beautiful. Wendy may advertise the rest of these yarns on UKHK, and if she does, I strongly recommend you buy as much as your pocket/bank manager/piggy bank will allow. Yarns such as these, from indie small holdings don't turn up very often. It is beautiful yarn at an excellent price. Wendy's such a lucky woman, having her own flock, don't you think?

Would you believe me if I told you that most of my spending was on fibre rather than yarn from Ally Pally? And that I muttered the strangest words, sounding something like "I don't think I need any more yarn for now....."?

A massive, huge (with bells on) THANK YOU to everyone who has sold/traded/gifted all of these yarns. Yet more evidence that fibre folk are the best on the planet. I feel indebted and grateful.

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