All I've done for the last couple of days is edit, delete and retype blah blah. Nothing I type here lately seems to sound right. Must be the returning to work malarkey that's knocked me off skilter. So instead of wittering on and sounding depressed I'll post some photos and talk about cheerful stuff.

First up, my new boots arrived today. Now these might not seem much to get excited about to the untrained eye but I'm a happy bunny. Have been after some decent hiking boots for a while now but do you think I could find some plain ones without outdoorsy motifs that weren't beige and blue? Could I heck. Then I found these at ScrewFix - men's boots as always, proper steelies too, toes and midsole. Dead comfy and a perfect fit, a bargain at the price. All I have to do now is make sure Tom doesn't pinch them (yep, he's tried and they fit him too....

Next, Tom's bought the cats a new toy. A rather large one at that. Actually, you could call it a piece of furniture. £20 from Lidl's. Apart from a fair bit of sniffing and more interest in the box, there's not been much activity yet. Won't take them long.

It's Tom's birthday tomorrow and this coming weekend sees our first anniversary. Hooray to us for having a great first year! Tom's pressie is excatly what he wanted (a posh Mikita drill) so that'll be one excited boy in the morning. Like he needs more drills and power tools.. he's got them stashed everywhere.

Have finally made up my mind and raided my savings, so I'll be heading off with the crew to SkipNorth this year. I'd only regret it if I didn't go. So I'll see a few of you there! Last year was great, so can't wait.

There are currently 3 contenders for my latest allergy - a new bodyscrub I got for christmas, Sudafed nasal decongestant and Fabreeze - antibacterial flavour. All entirely plausable as they each hit my allergy-hotspots. Now to work out which pesky devil it is.

Otherwise, the new issue of MagKnits is up, and have you seen this Hat pattern? Methinks someone's been thinking along the same lines.... great, innit? Then last night I got wondering why I haven't tried submitting a pattern yet. Have a couple in the pipeline so maybe I should...

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