Well, that might sound like an exageration, but it certainly does feel like an achievement. I've just finished the hat with the loopy trim. Being as it was just an experiment to try out this stitch (with another design in mind) I'm rather pleased with the way it's turned out. Wasn't going to write this pattern up for posting, but might do now. And judging by the amount of yarn left from the skein, I reckon there's room to include a larger size.

Yet again it's knitted using 100g of Maya (being as I have a fair bit of it!) - there's a rumour circulating that this yarn might be discontinued (don't you hate it when they do that?) but it doesn't worry me too much as you can get virtually the same yarn, with a better range of colours and loads cheaper from handpaintedyarn.com - colonia140 and handspunbulky give the same gauge.

I succeeded in getting the loop stitch to sit comfortably and neatly on a stocking stitch ground by knitting into the back of the loop for all the stitches - it got a bit tight on the plain knit rounds yet it's been worth it, as previous efforts with a regular knit stitch looked too untidy. And for those loops that still want to curl back into the ground, a gentle tug to tighten the knot has worked a treat. Now I can plough on and tackle the other design I have in mind; one which I'm quite excited about ;) Here's a close ip of the crown detail - I'm one for making features of seams so rather wanted to have the decrease lines making a noticeable pattern. For an extra bit of detail, I worked 2 rounds of just the loops on the remaining stitches before drawing them together and securing. The main body is worked in moss (seed) stitch as mentioned before; I absolutely love this stitch for it's structure and it works really well on hats (in my opinion, anyhow)

Think I'll post this one on the new Hatalong blog I've joined. They have a merit system - each time you've posted 3 completed hats (a 'hat-trick' as they call it) you get a little woolly hat icon next to your name! So now of course I'll be on a mission to get as many of these as I can ;)

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