Thanks to the person who left me a comment (the link to your blogger profile came up anonymous!) suggesting how to work garter stitch in the round. I am aware of how to do that, but to be honest didn't fancy a garter stitch ground - sorry, as I probably didn't make that clear! Garter stitch to me never seems firm enough, and a little too 'springy' for me. Cheers though, for leaving a suggestion!

Anyhoo's, did a quick search on Google for Loop stitch, and found this pattern. The ground is worked in stocking stitch (sigh) although I was pleased to see a slightly different take on Loop stitch. When messing around with it last night, I missed out the YO and only passed over one stitch (this was less fiddly and quicker) which is what this version of loop stitch suggests. Nice to know that I wasn't doing it 'wrong' ;) Although it is quicker it doesn't make the loops any firmer, so I'm still a little stuck.

The main body of the hat I'm trying it out on is in moss (seed) stitch and might well continue this as the ground for the loops... it will slow me down a little (which could be compensated if I use the above mentioned method for loops) but it is a firmer stitch so might just work...

Maybe the loops are meant to be like this until blocked? Hmm....

Yet another update:-
Ok, this time I'm working with stocking stitch ground, using the non-YO method, knitting both loop sts into the back of the loop and on the plain knit round, knitting all stitches into the back of the loop. So far, so good.. it's tightening it all up sufficiently and looking neater...Jeez, all this agro over one stitch?! I've never had this trouble before... experience and logic normally sorts it all out no problem!

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