Man, I'm chuffed today. May have woken up groggy with a headache, but life's good. One of the reasons is seeing my Tri-Peak hat knitted up by another. Go check Knit-Tiger's blog for a photo! It's sooo cool to see the first version of one of my patterns - thanks Ra :)) My mum told me that she was going to knit it, but mum's don't count, do they?

Also, my head is now bursting with ideas for patterns. Almost too many, you could say. Thankfully I've got my little black notebook for scribbling it all down. Tom thinks it's funny that every now and then, I'll suddenly jump into action, grab the notebook and scribble something.

Mind, I think I can now justifiably berate myself for not doing all the things I wanted to do this holiday. Monday is looming, the cursed school awaits with all it's noise and early starts. The days of laying in till lunchtime are nearly over, and busy I might have been to the onlooker, I've actually been a lazy moo. I blame all the sleep ;) (like sleep is bad... as if!) A list of things I planned to do:-

1) Finish listing my vinyl - not done.
2) Sort out my portfolio - not done.
3) Tidy the hallway cupboard - not done.
4) Spend at least a day spinning - an evening was managed
5) Make a skirt - not done.
6) Make Tom's trousers - not done.
7) See at least 2 friends - only one seen.
8) Catch up on sleep - oh yeah, baby ;)
9) Finish writing tutorials - still got 2 to go.
10) Catch up on emails - too many left to mention.
11) Type up new project for my AS Textiles class - not done.
12) Finish decorationg mannequin heads - done.

Obviously I didn't add knitting to this list, as that goes without saying ;) I have however managed to make a few hats, dye yarn and sleep. Oh yeah, musn't forget the sleep...

The problem is my brain. It flits uncontrolably from one thought to another, random threads and tangents, all over the place. It never shuts up. An idea pops into my head and *wham!* I'm off somewhere else. Mind, having the notebook helps a little, as at least I don't have to try and do all of it before I forget.

Oh well. It has been Christmas and the festive season, and maybe, just maybe, I gave myself too many things to do.

Now I have the depressing job of taking the tree and it's decorations down. Shall pop a headache tablet and bravely tackle the chores. Today is a good day despite it all and I shall smile happily onwards, knowing I can knit up one of my ideas this afternoon :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead